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Our Mission

We proactively inform, educate and involve citizens and employees about County projects, policies, and goals, while enhancing the image of our County government. We promote a culture of open communication and collaboration to foster exceptional customer service.

The Communications & Public Relations Office is located inside the County Manager's Office on the third floor of the Municipal Building in downtown Los Alamos (1000 Central Avenue, Suite 350).

Communications & Public Relations Administrator
Julie Williams-Hill
[email protected]
(505) 662-8083

The Communications & Public Relations Office is responsible for:

  • Internal Communications (employees)
  • External Communications (public)
  • Media Communications (news releases, media advisories)
  • Graphics Design, Photography & Videography
  • Oversight of the County's web page
  • Coordination and public relations joint efforts with other agencies in the County, and across Northern New Mexico
  • Public information and public relations assistance to the Council's Boards and Commissions
  • Collaboration with other entities, such as LA Public Schools, Triad LLC, N3B, LANL, and DOE/NNSA
  • Assistance and representation of the County Manager, Deputy County Manager(s) and the County Council on special projects involving the community, other organizations, or other agencies
  • Public information dissemination during an emergency situation involving the County

Specifically, these functions are a part of the Office:

  • Responds to requests for general information about Los Alamos County government

  • Oversees Social Media policies and pages for Los Alamos County

  • Oversees, updates and executes the Communications Plan

  • Serving as the County's Public Information Officer, the C&PR Administrator has approval of Public Information, Education & Involvement Plans (PIIP) for County projects.

Current PIIPs (listed by publication date):

Golf Course Site Improvements Phase 1 (Apr 2022)
Golf Course Site Improvements Phase 2 (Apr 2022)
Canyon Road - 39th to Rose (Jan 2022)
Cumbres del Norte (Nov 2021)
Canyon Road - 39th to Central (Nov 2021)
33rd, 34th and Arkansas Streets (Nov 2021)
Integrated Master Plan (Oct 2021)
ADA Audit and Transition Plan (Oct 2021)
Canyon Rim Trail Phase III (Sept 2021)

Urban Trail (Sept 2021)
Finch Street (Sept 2021)
Traffic Signal Design for Trinity Drive/20th Street (Sept 2021)
Operation Save the Bears (Aug 2021)
Women's Army Corp (WAC) Design and Historic Registration Services (Aug 2021)
Sherwood Blvd Roadway and Drainage Improvements (July 21)
North Mesa Road Improvements Project Phase 3 - Casa de Oro (May 2021)
Leisure Lagoon (June 2019)

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CDAB Full Agenda June 21, 2021