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Maintain and improve transportation and mobility

Why is this important? 

Having a variety of transportation options increases citizen involvement in the community and their ability to earn a living.

What does this mean? 

We will be a community that supports our citizens’ efforts to interact, attend school and work, and conserve resources by offering a variety of timely and efficient transportation options. We promote healthy lifestyles by including pedestrian and bicycle-friendly options as part of our roadway system throughout our communities.

How do we achieve our goal? 

Los Alamos County provides transportation options that meet the diverse needs of its population; having a variety of transportation options is important to the quality of life for residents because it connects our communities of Los Alamos, White Rock and beyond our County borders. Atomic City Transit, the County’s bus service, is used by workers, students, commuters and shoppers with quick connections to LANL, White Rock and the residential neighborhoods and mesa tops of Los Alamos, as well as the regional Park & Ride service. The bus provides valuable transportation options for children to attend after-school programs or access the Teen Center in downtown Los Alamos. Our senior demographic relies upon the bus service for safe and easy access to medical services, shopping, and recreational programs. Hiking trail maintenance and signage support pedestrian and bicycle transportation routes found throughout the county. Citizens on the Transportation Board advise the Council on a variety of issues related to transportation.

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