New Enterprise Resource Planning Software
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New Enterprise Resource Planning Software
Posted on 05/04/2018
Environmental Financial EconLos Alamos County is upgrading its Enterprise Resource Planning software on July 1, 2018.  What should a customer of the Department of Public Utilities expect? 


What is ERP?
ERP is an acronym for "Enterprise Resource Planning." This is a software platform for County operations. It includes the general ledger, inventory and work order management, accounting, human resources, customer relationship  management and utilities billing services.

Tyler Munis LogoWhat is Munis?
Munis software by Tyler Technologies is the integrated ERP system that will replace the existing software systems of the following County departments: Utilities, Finance, and Human Resource/Payroll. The scheduled go-live date is July 2018.

Why is the County upgrading its ERP?
Benefits of the new ERP are expected to improve County efficiencies and reporting capabilities. In addition, DPU expects it to interface smoothly with the Los Alamos DPU app and future advanced metering infrastructure.


What to expect?
County staff worked to make this ERP transition as seamless as possible. DPU customers can expect the following after July 1st, when the new system goes live.

Changes -

  • While "Customer ID" will replace the term "Account No.," the number will remain the same;
  • Bills will look slightly different. Customers can view an example of the new bill.
  • Customers who have multiple accounts may receive multiple bills;
  • One business day’s notice is needed for a change in responsibility - the new system does not have a backdate feature (switching utilities into another Customer ID);
  • Landlords: Watch for an invitation to a June meeting to discuss specific changes that will affect you.

No Changes -

  • Customers enrolled in eBilling will still be notified of new bills via email;
  • Schedules for meter reading routes are the same;
  • Our Customer Care Center staff is still available to assist you.


Los Alamos DPU app may be down for a brief while after July 1, 2018

Our contractors are sill finishing up work on the final conversion for the Los Alamos DPU app.  As a result, the app may not be functioning fully for a short while after the new Munis system goes live on July 1.    

Online payments may be down for a brief while after July 1, 2018

Please be patient with us.  The ability to pay on line through the Los Alamos DPU App or the Paymentus site may be down for a brief period after July 1 as our contractors finalize the integration. 

You can still make payments as follows -

  • ACH payments will be unaffected
  • You can still schedule a payment through your bank
    • Please include both the Customer ID# and the Account# on the scheduled payment
    • Note: if you’re looking at a bill printed in June – the Account# is now the Customer ID# and the Location# is now the Account#
  • Drop a payment off at the Customer Care Center or in the drop box in the Municipal parking lot
  • Drop a payment off at Los Alamos National Bank (White Rock and in the townsite), or
  • Drop your payment in the mail


As previously mentioned, the County staff worked diligently to make this ERP transition as seamless as possible. However, DPU understands that changing to a new software system will invariably result in some unintended glitches that will need to be resolved. We are asking for your help.

Please -

  • Notify us if your bill is more than two weeks late;
  • Double check your consumption and advise us of any irregular quantities;
  • Review the dollar amount charged and let us know if the dollar amount does not appear to be correct.

Contact the Customer Care Center via email or via phone 505 662 8333. Thank you!


   Find us on Facebook

Communication is key. We will post updates and billing notifications for specific neighborhoods on this website and on Facebook. This will assist customers to know if a bill has not arrived.  

Customer Care Center Temporarily Relocated

Starting on June 27, 2018, please be advised that the Customer Care Center will be temporarily relocated to the Boards and Commissions Room (that's room 110 on the first floor of the Municipal Building, 1000 Central Avenue, Los Alamos).  This move is to accommodate scheduled construction activity in the Municipal Building lobby that will occur during the first two weeks of July.  The Customer Care Center will relocate back to their desks after construction is complete.

We request your patience.

Of course we want you to please contact the Customer Care Center or call at 505 662 8333 if you have questions and/or concerns. We do anticipate that there may be a higher than normal number of customer interactions over the first month or so.  Please be patient with us.  We will to our best to respond to all calls, emails and walk-ins.  Thank you!!