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Los Alamos Airport 

The Los Alamos Airport was constructed in 1948 to support the Atomic Energy Commission’s military requirements at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory. The airport first became available for public use by local aircraft owners in 1960. However, strict security was enforced and the airport would be closed to public use for indefinite periods when deemed necessary by the Department of Energy (DOE). In October 1996, Los Alamos County assumed operating control of the airport from the DOE.

The Department of Energy transferred the airport to the County on Oct. 30, 2008, during a special ceremony honoring U.S. Senator Pete Domenici, who was instrumental in establishing the land transfer process that eventually led to the transfer of the airport and surrounding land. Airport Services:

  • Aviation fuel (
  • Rental cars (Enterprise and National)
  • Transient tie-downs
  • Aviation mechanical services
  • Courtesy car
  • Free parking

Airport Information:

For Airport Aeronautical information please visit

Transportation to/from Los Alamos:

The airport offers a complementary crew car to pilots flying into Los Alamos. Please call the airport at (505) 662-8420 to inquire about its availability.

In addition, Atomic City Transit is the County's free public transit system - operating Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. There are designated bus routes and schedules serving Los Alamos and nearby White Rock. Route 2 serves the airport upon request. To visit the Atomic City Transit webpage for times and routes, click here or call (505) 661-RIDE.

Rental cars are available on-site through Enterprise/National rental car companies located in the airport's lobby: call (505) 662-1987 for reservations.

Rules and Regulations:

Airport Rules and Regulations

Minimum Standards:

Click here to view the Minimum Standards

Los Alamos Airport Master Plan:

Click here to view the Airport Master Plan adopted by County Council on May 10, 2013.

FY2019 - FY2021 Triennial DBE Goal: The County of Los Alamos, NM/Los Alamos Airport hereby announces its FY 2019-2021 Triennial DBE Goal for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) airport construction projects as indicated below:

 FY 19  No Project Requiring a DBE Goal
 FY 20  DBE Goal 1.3%
 Construct New AWOS
 FY 21  DBE Goal 5.7%
 Project 1: RW Seal Coat & Project 2: TW A Relocation

Overall Three-Year DBE Goal FY19-FY21:

The County of Los Alamos, NM/Los Alamos Airport’s DBE goal methodology is based on what the airport anticipates receiving for FY 2019-2021.  Significant changes to the projects as stated will require an amendment to the DBE goal.