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Request to Inspect Public Records (IPRA)

*Requirement to complete an IPRA form. Pursuant to 14-2-8 (C)

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 I would like to inspect and then possibly request a copy of the documents listed below


I waive my right to inspect - please furnish me with a copy of the documents listed below - if cost will exceed $, then please notify me in advance of making any copies **

**  Requestor in entitled to fifteen (15) free copies for documents 11"x17" in size or smaller.  Each copy in excess of 15 pages will be charged forty cents ($.40) per page for documents 11"x17" in size or smaller.  If a requestor wants a document larger than 11"x17", the cost per copy shall be $1.50 per square foot.  At the Custodian's discretion and based upon size and volume of the request, the copies may be made by the County using a local copy service, in which case the requestor shall reimburse the County's actual cost.

List records requested below:(Please provide a detailed and specific description of the records sought)

I understand that I must pay the County any fees for copies I request. prior to those copies being provided.  
Payment shall be provided in cash or check only.


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