Brush Collection
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2017 Summer Brush Collection

Brush collection occurs four times a year (spring, summer, fall and winter) in effort to assist residents with the disposal of brush material.

Click here to view the visual map for collection. 

 Area Set out no sooner than Collection
Barranca Mesa, Ponderosa Estates, Loma Linda & Hawks Landing  Aug. 4th  Aug. 14th
Western Area, Quemazon, Sandia, Trinity, Orange & Nickel Aug. 11th Aug. 21st
North Mesa Aug. 18th Aug. 28th
Walnut, Yucca, Urban, Arizona, Town Site Aug. 25th Sept. 4th
Rover, Old Town, Meadow Lane, Aragon, Bryce Avenue Sept. 1st Sept. 11th
La Vista, Canada Way, Canada Circle, Barcelona, Canyon Vista, Sierra Vista, Monte Vista, La Paloma Sept. 8th Sept. 18th
La Senda & Piedra Loop Sept.15th Sept. 25th
Pajarito Acres, Monte Rey, Rio Bravo, Potrillo Estante Way Sept. 22nd Oct. 2nd

Per Code Enforcement:
Residents will be in violation of Los Alamos County Code Chapter 18 if any of the conditions below are demonstrated:
Pile is set out when your area is not scheduled to receive collection. 
Pile contains non-accepted material. 
Pile is obstructed by obstacles. 
Pile is set out after designated pickup date 

Residents may receive a citation into Municipal Court where they can face fines and charges up to $ 500.00 or 90 days in Jail. For each day there is a violation, a new citation may be issued. 

Do not set out materials sooner than ten days before the first day of your scheduled collection date. 
•       Do not set out materials that are not accepted.
One pickup per household, piles can be no larger than 8 cubic yards or 6 feet x 12 feet x 3 feet. Click here to view visual representation of eight (8) cubic yards.
Set items close to the curb. Do not place items under power lines, near cars or utility boxes.
All leaves and pine needles must be placed in paper yard waste bags. Plastic bags will not be collected.
Items that will be collected: brush, pine needles, leaves, Christmas trees, and branches.

Items that WILL NOT be collected: Furniture, appliances, mattresses, televisions, computer monitors, glass items, tree stumps, tires, construction waste, dirt or rock, railroad cross ties, lumber, concrete, shingles, material in plastic bags, trash, liquids, and batteries. If you need to dispose of these items please bring them to the Eco Station. 

This collection is for brush only. Do not place any bulk items out for collection.

If you have questions about the program call:

Eco Station 
Environmental Services Division     505-662-8163