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Update regarding the Tourism Implementation Task Force as of June 26, 2018:

As part of Council’s action on February 27, 2018 to accept the Tourism Strategic Plan, the Tourism Implementation Task Force (or “Task Force”) was formed. The Task Force charter was approved in April and the members were selected and appointed in May 2018. This task force was modeled after the White Rock Master Plan Implementation committee and will provide guidance and expertise to the Council and County staff on tourism implementation issues. The members are listed below:

Micheline Devaurs
David Fox
Prashant Jain
Dave Jolly
Heather McClenahan
Lauren McDaniel
T. Clay Moseley
Cristina Olds
Lodgers’ Tax Advisory Representative: Katie Bruell
Historic Preservation Representative: Mark Rayburn
Parks and Recreation Representative: Stephanie Nakhleh

Four members of the Task Force were also members of the Tourism Work Group and will provide the continuity from the strategic planning phase to the implementation phase.

The first meeting of the Task Force was held on May 23, 2018. At that meeting, task force members introduced themselves, reviewed the Task Force charter and were given an overview of the Tourism Strategic Plan. One recommendation from the Tourism Strategic Plan called for relocating the Los Alamos townsite Visitor Center. This recommendation will be the first item that this new Task Force will tackle. At subsequent meetings, the Task Force started with the list of possible locations in the Tourism Strategic Plan but also brainstormed other possible locations. The Task Force members are defining the selection criteria such as cost, location and space available and weighting of the criteria that will be used to evaluate the possible locations. The Task Force plans to involve the public in the process, likely through the use of questions posted on Open Forum and by hosting a table at the County Fair (August 11 at Ashley Pond Park). The Task Force anticipates delivering a recommendation to Council by early September. 

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For questions, contact Linda Matteson, Assistant to the County Manager and Staff Liaison to the task force, at (505) 662-8086 or send Linda an e-mail.