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Temporary Vending in Los Alamos County Recreation Division Facilities

Recreation Facilities Vendor Guidelines.pdf

A host organization wishing to have temporary vendors at an event on LAC Recreation property will begin working with the appropriate Facility Manager, or their designee, at least 30 days in advance of the event to ensure that there is enough time for requirements to be met.

General Guidelines

  • The host organization or designee will work with the Facility Manager before finalizing temporary vendors. Per the LAC Code of Ordinances, Sec. 12-35 the host organization must either:
a) Notify the vendors they are required to acquire a Los Alamos County Business License, or
b) Apply for a Temporary Use permit and pay associated fees
  • The host organization or designee may contact vendors to discuss vending, but should wait to confirm their participation in the event until final arrangements have been made with the Facility Manager or their designee.
  • All vendors must acquire a LAC Vendor License and Vendor Permit Application through the LAC PROS Division.
  • As parking is very limited during many events, the Aquatic Center and Ice Rink parking lots are not safe locations to vend and food trucks/trailers or tents are not allowed to set-up in those parking lots.
  • Vendors at the Aquatic Center and Ice Rink will have no or limited access to hook-up to electrical and water outlets. Generators are not allowed. Vendors may not unplug facility equipment in order to have access to power outlets.
  • Any cords that may create a tripping hazard must be properly covered by carpets, tape, or trip cover protectors provided by the vendor. If a power cord is not properly covered, the cord will be removed.
  • Temporary vendors in County facilities may only vend beverages approved by the contract between Low Alamos County and the beverage contractor who provides vending machines and product in Los Alamos County facilities.
  • The County is not responsible for unsecured items left by vendors and or on LAC PROS property, and vendors should be forewarned that the facilities are not fully secure.

Larry R. Walkup Aquatic Center-Limited Temporary Vendors

The Aquatic Center is a high altitude natatorium housing a 50 meter x 25 yard swimming pool and a warm water therapy pool. On occasion, the Aquatic Center hosts athletic sporting events when temporary vendors would enhance the event experience for participants and attendees.

With this in mind, for large sporting events, hosting outside vendors may be considered in the noted locations within the facility, if requested by the host organization. (Maps are in progress).

Los Alamos County Ice Rink-Limited Temporary Vendors

The Los Alamos County Ice Rink is a NHL, collegiate lit seasonal facility. In the winter months it hosts ice hockey, public skating, lessons and tournaments. During the summer it occasionally hosts sporting events. Space is limited within the facility boundaries, and during the winter the Rink houses a concession stand that sells general concession items as well as providing beverages in vending machines.

With these space constraints and on-site concessions; for large sporting event hosted by local organizations hosting outside vendors may be considered under the following conditions:

  • Inside - The Main Warming Hug: The Rink can host one (1) vendor along the west within a 12` L x 4` W space, or can host two (2) vendors with two 6` L x 4` W spaces. Vendors may not be set up for longer than four (4) days, and will have limited access to power and water.
  • Outside - Within the Fenced Area: The Rink can host two (2) temporary vendors in the outside common public area. Space is limited to a 10` x 10` space that does not impede access to the building, may not stay up longer than for (4) days, and will have no or limited access to electrical and water outlets.
  • The Ice Rink parking lots are unsafe locations to vend, so food trucks/trailers or tents are not allowed to set-up in the parking lots.