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COVID 19 UPDATE 3/17/20


We are changing the way you will be checking call probation IMMEDIATE 505-662-8027.  If you have any concerns email 

Adult Probation is a court service providing the oversight of certain sentenced offenders.  Sentencing may include jail time, fines and fees, DWI school, ignition interlock, a specific number of community service hours, breath and/or urine testing and other conditions deemed necessary.   If the offender is ordered to receive a substance abuse assessment or treatment, the offender is referred to local and regional programs. 

Services for Municipal Court, Magistrate Court and District Court:

  • Probation
  • Pre-Trial Services
  • Drug Testing
    • Norchem
    • icup 5 panel
    • icup 12 Panel
    • ETG 500 rapid test panel
  • Electronic Monitoring
  • Sober Link
  • Video Assessments

Probation Documents:
Probation Resources.pdf
Pre-trial Intake packet.pdf
Probation Intake Packet.pdf
EM application packet.pdf