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COVID 19 UPDATE 04/10/20

With the latest reports of closures within the State of New Mexico, Teen Court will resume starting the week of 4/12 defendants will appear via video chat ONLY.  Questions or concerns can be emailed to juanita.mcniel@lacnm.us

Teen court Community Service/Jury Duty: Court Contact juanita.mcniel@lacnm.us
These will only be available through COVID 19 once the stay at home order is lifted these will not be available anymore.
Please follow up with court to make sure you get credit.


How Many Hours

Jury Duty

Who to contact

Teen Center Town Hall

For the length of town hall



Picking up trash around neighborhood or on a hike

For the length of time served


Email picture to court

Research and write a 500 word essay on the criminal juvenile system or approved topic

2 hours


Email to Court

Grow Your Mind –(if you are not already required to do the class)

1 hour per class

1 per class


Do a chore at home that is above and beyond your normal job

For the length of the time of the chore


Contact Court

Tutor a child or read a story to one (online – and not a sibling)

For the length of the time


Contact Court

Teach a music lesson to someone online (and not a sibling)

For the length of the lesson


Contact Court

Participate in Zumba Mon or Wed @6:00 fill out the form

For the length of the class



Make dinner for your family

For length of time


Contact Court

Do an “advanced outdoor challenge” on PEEC website: https://peecnature.org/take-it-outside/

1 hour for each challenge

1 for each


Create an art project or video about opioid abuse or other substance abuse and it’s affects.

2 hours


Contact Court

Quilt, Knit, crochet a blanket for a baby

Length of time


Contact Court

Sew face masks

Length of time


Contact Court

Teach technology to a senior citizen

Length of time


Contact Court

Contact a trusted teacher and ask if they need anything done?

Length of time


Contact Court

Yard work for a neighbor or someone who needs it

Length of time


Contact Court

Teen Court is a nationally recognized early intervention and restorative justice program for juveniles (ages 12-18). It is a diversionary court that keeps first time teen offenders with traffic infractions and misdemeanor offenses out of the traditional court system. The teen accepts responsibility for their offense, appears before a judge and jury of their peers, and is sentenced. The teen faces consequences that help them to learn from their mistakes and make amends for their actions. The sanctions are determined by the Teen Court jury, and usually include community service and jury duty at future Teen Court hearings. Other possible sanctions can include, being required to write an essay, letters of apology, educational programs, gender-specific programs, and substance abuse prevention workshops.

Los Alamos Teen Court is typically held  on Wednesday afternoons. 

Teen Court has three levels

Level 1-Direct diversion for non- violent 1st offenders

Level 2-Teen court referral

  • Municipal Court
  • Magistrate Court
  • JPPO/District Court
  • Schools
  • Community Organizations

Level 3- Graduated Sanction for repeat offenders

  • Therapeutic Case Management
  • Juvenile Case Management
  • Youth Resource Advocate
  • Family Resource Advocate
  • Restorative Justice

Teen Court Coordinator: Catherine Taylor Office 505-662-8099 or Cell 505-412-8938