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The Social Services Division supports residents with a range of programs and services across the lifespan by contracting with local non-profit agencies including:

  • Parent education and family development

  • Early intervention for at-risk elementary aged youth and families

  • School-based drug and alcohol prevention activities

  • After-school activities for grades 3-12

  • Juvenile justice programs and services

  • Operation of two senior centers

  • Home-based services for older and frail adults

Quarterly and annual reports are provided in PDF format below; for more information and agency website links, please click below.

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1505 15th Street, Suite A

Tuesday - Friday (other times by appointment)

9:00 am - 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Early Intervention Services for At-Risk Elementary School Youth and Families

Juvenile Justice Advisory Board (JJAB) was selected through Request for Proposal (RFP) process to early intervention services for at-risk elementary school youth and families. These services include providing mental health professionals to identify, advocate, implement, coordinate, administrate, and evaluate services for elementary school-aged at-risk youth and their families on an ongoing basis. These professionals will provide a broad spectrum of support services for these youth and parents and will be expected to work with local organizations already involved or ought to be involved with these youth and families.

Quarterly Reports 

 FY18 Q4 JJAB Resource Advocacy

FY19 Q4 JJAB FRS.pdf

Home Based Services for Older and Frail Adults

Los Alamos Senior and Retired Organization (LARSO) was selected through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process to provide home-based services for older and frail adults. LARSO will coordinate home-based care services to older and frail adults residing in Los Alamos, and who are without other means for receiving such care. LARSO also identifies participants, evaluates care services provided, and works with local organizations also serving older and frail adults to provide support services including, but not limited to, transportation, meals, access to social events, counseling, legal advocacy, access to medical programs, coordination with agencies also serving older and frail adults, other community services.

Quarterly Reports

FY18 Q4 LARSO Home Based

FY19 Q4 LARSO Home Based.pdf

Juvenile Justice Programs

The Los Alamos Juvenile Justice Advisory Board (JJAB) provides ongoing coordination, development, administration, and evaluation of juvenile services and programs, including education, assessment, prevention, and early intervention for Los Alamos County. The areas of focus for programs administered by JJAB include:

  • Alcohol and/or substance abuse assessment, prevention, deterrence, and treatment.
  • Delinquency prevention.
  • Leadership development and mentoring.
  • Parent and juvenile education and support.
  • Gender specific programming to improve self-esteem and decision making.
  • Multi-generational engagement in the community.
  • Restorative justice.
  • Healthy living and productive life skills.

Quarterly Reports


FY19 Q4 JJAB.pdf

Parent Education/Family Development

Family Strengths Network (FSN) is currently under contract to provide a broad spectrum of parent education and family development programs, including support services for parents and youth. FSN also works with local organizations already involved with parents and families to identify and provide services, activities, workshops, classes and events through the use of clearly identified best practices and family development models.

Quarterly Reports

FY18 Q4 Family Strengths Network

FY19 Q4 Famiily Strengths Network.pdf

School Prevention Specialist

A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) currently exists between the County and the Los Alamos Public Schools for the purpose of funding or defraying some or all of the costs of providing school-based prevention services. Under this MOA, a prevention specialist was hired and is in place at the high school and middle school. The School Prevention Specialist works directly with school staff, school-aged youth and their families to decrease instances of substance abuse, child abuse, violence, suicide, truancy and other at-risk behaviors.

Quarterly Reports

FY18 Q4 Los Alamos Public Schools

FY19 Q4 LAPS.pdf

Senior Services

The Senior Centers are operated for the County under contract with a local non-profit organization, Los Alamos Senior and Retired Organization (LARSO). Two centers are available to seniors. The Los Alamos Senior Center is located at 1101 Bathtub Row (next to Mesa Public Library) while the White Rock Center is located at 133 Longview Drive in the Municipal Complex. LARSO provides congregate and home delivered meals, transportation services, educational and social programs, entertainment, and volunteer opportunities to the Los Alamos senior citizen population. An Adult Day Care (Day Out) program is also funded to give caregivers respite. The program provides a variety of supervised activities in cheerful safe surroundings. Adults of all ages who may be lonely or homebound due to short-term or long-term physical problems can benefit from some time away from home with new friends.

Quarterly Reports

 FY18 Q4 LARSO Senior Center

FY19 Q4 LARSO Senior Services.pdf

Self-Management And Recovery Training (SMART)

Self-Management And Recovery Training (SMART) Recovery is an abstinence-oriented, non-profit organization for individuals with addictive problems. Their self-empowering, free, mutual support meetings focus on ideas and techniques to help individuals change their life from one that is self-destructive and unhappy to one that is constructive and satisfying. SMART Recovery does not use labels like “addict” or “alcoholic.” They teach scientifically validated methods designed to empower you to change and to develop a more positive lifestyle.

Meetings are held in Los Alamos every Thursday from 5:30pm-7:00pm at the Los Alamos County Social Services Division
Along with in-person meetings SMART Recovery offers online meetings as well. To be able to view and participate in on-line meetings, individuals will need to register. 


YMCA Teen Center

The Los Alamos Teen Center The Los Alamos Teen Center  provides a safe place for teenagers to gather, study, and have fun. Los Alamos County funds the contract that is administered by The Family YMCA. The Teen Center is free for all teenagers in Los Alamos County.  For more specific program information, please visit the Teen Center's Facebook page.

Quarterly Reports

FY18 Q4 YMCA Teen Center

FY19 Q4 YMCA Teen Center.pdf

Youth Activity Centers

The Los Alamos Family Council supports after-school and school holiday closure programs for grades 3-8. There are Youth Activity Centers located in both Los Alamos and White Rock.

Quarterly Reports

FY18 Q4 Youth Activity Center

FY19 Q4 Youth Activity Center.pdf

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