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20th Street Extension 

The extension of 20th Street south of Trinity Drive has the potential to improve access to vacant parcels that are south of Trinity Drive. The project plans to improve vehicle and pedestrian facilities to the south edge of downtown, and may provide linkage to the Canyon Rim Trail.

Project Location: 20th Street will be extended south of Trinity Drive by about 600’, with a longer term plan to connect to 15th St.

Public Input

The project team attended the regularly scheduled Main Street Futures meeting on July 11, 2016  to discuss the proposed roadway projects with representatives from Los Alamos Main Street, the Economic Vitality Action Team, the Los Alamos Creative District Committee, UNM and LAPS. Attendees viewed the 20th Street extension as a priority project as it will provide access to several (4-5) vacant parcels directly adjacent to downtown, thereby facilitating their development. Participants voiced concerns that Trinity will act as a barrier and signalized crossings would be needed so patrons could move freely between 20th Street developments and downtown.

This project received very favorable support from the general public when it was presented at a variety of venues and meetings when part of Los Alamos Bond Projects 2017. The Council considered the project at their Sept. 20 Work Session, and then directed the County staff to move ahead with this project at their Oct. 4 Council meeting. The Public Works department is leading the effort, with assistance from its consultant Dekker Perich Sabatini (DPS). This project is not part of the upcoming bond election for recreation projects scheduled to occur in 2017.

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20th Street Extension

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