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What is the leash law in Los Alamos County?
This falls under "Animals at Large" in the Los Alamos County Code book.

  1. No person shall allow any animal to roam or stray or to be off the keeper’s premises unless it is at all times under verbal control or physical restraint of a responsible person.
  2. All unattended dogs shall at all times be confined or physically restrained. Such confinement or restraint shall not allow the dog access beyond the boundaries of the premises available for the exclusive private use of the dog’s owner or keeper.
  3. Except within the premises available for the exclusive private use of its owner or keeper and except in R-A zoned areas and designated dog-training zones, a dog located in an inhabited area shall at all times be confined or physically restrained on a secure leash not exceeding eight feet in length. A dog located in an R-A zoned area or a designated dog-training zone shall at all times be under verbal control of its keeper if not confined or restrained.
  4. The Parks Department shall formulate and issue regulations for designation of dog-training zones and shall post signs appropriate therefor.

Does my dog or cat need a county license??
Los Alamos County Animal Control no longer requires a county license. Your dog or cat must however have current rabies vaccinations.

Should I worry about hantavirus?
There have been no documented cases of hantavirus in Los Alamos County. However, it is always good practice to use caution when cleaning in an area where rodents may dwell. Hantavirus Hotline – 1-800-879-3421 or in Santa Fe at 827-0006.

The Office of Epidemiology will provide you with information on risk and cleanup and will also answer other questions you may have.

How do we control the coyote population?
Problems with coyotes are referred to Animal Damage Control/Wildlife Services at (toll-free) 1-888-580-5512.

Is the Los Alamos County animal shelter a no-kill shelter?
No; however, if an animal needs to be euthanized it is done by a licensed veterinarian. The Los Alamos County Animal Shelter uses the Animal Clinic of Los Alamos for this service.

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