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20th Street Extension Project

20th Street Extension Project

The Project will start at the intersection of 20th Street and Trinity Drive and extend south and then east for approximately 600 feet, including a dedicated access to the Los Alamos Public Schools Administrative Building. Click here for project details. 

This project will consist of a new roadway and utility improvements. The roadway improvements includes new asphalt pavement surfacing, new sidewalks, new lighting, landscaping and data communication conduit. Concrete work includes curb and gutter, sidewalks, ADA ramps, valley gutters, drive pad and new storm drainage structures and storm drains. Lighting will include electrical conduit, electric lines, wiring and light poles and new light pole bases. Design and installation of new landscaping which included installation of new irrigation lines and sleeves. Also included is the work is the placement of new permanent signage and striping along the roadway. The utility improvements include gas, water, sanitary sewer and electrical distribution system improvements supplemental to the development of the 20th Street Extension corridor infrastructure. 

North Mesa Improvements Phase 1

North Mesa Improvements Phase 1 Project (Cumbres Del Sol Subdivision) 

North Mesa Improvements Phase I Project consist of roadway improvements, which includes asphalt, paving, curb, gutter, sidewalks, ADA curb ramps, drive pads and drainage structures for the following streets.

Camino Uva (from San Ildefonso to cul-de-sac) (appox. 2,200 feet).

Camino Durasnilla (from San Ildefonso to Camino Uva) (approx. 603 feet).

Click here to view the project map. 

DP Road Infrastructure

DP Road Infrastructure

Infrastructure for the A-16 A Site needs to be installed first on DP Road as part of the project (funding for the water,  gas, sewer lines and electric lines is a separate economic development project).

Click here to view a map of the proposed infrastructure on DP Road that will serve A-8 A, A-8 B, and A-9 and will terminate at A-16.