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Help offered to apply for COVID rent, utilities fed'l aid
Posted on 04/12/2021

Staff in the Social Services Division announced today that they are joining the local Self-Help office in offering free assistance to any individuals in Los Alamos County wishing to apply for the State of New Mexico’s federal aid program for rental and utility assistance. Funds are available for households experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The State-administered rental assistance and utility assistance program is accepting applications through August. 


Those seeking assistance are encouraged to review the current Frequently Asked Questions document at to learn more about eligibility and documentation needed for their application.  


The State of New Mexico will either pay the landlord and/or the utility provider directly depending on the financial assistance request by the applicant. Landlords and utility providers are encouraged to download a W9 and submit it to DFA via as soon as possible to ensure a streamlined process for receiving payment.  


For assistance with the application process, call the main office for Social Services at 505-662-8068 or e-mail the staff at 


The State also offers a call-in Help Desk for any questions at 1-833-485-1334.