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Camp May Water Pipeline Project
Posted on 02/15/2018


Los Alamos County is proposing to expand the potable water services to the Pajarito Ski Hill facilities for the Camp May Water Pipeline Project. Scope for the project includes the installation of a water pipeline, four pump stations and a new water tank adjacent to the existing Pajarito 4 Tank on West Road.  Upon completion, the project will provide additional water resources for snow making for recreational purposes, as well as additional fire suppression capability to protect the facilities and the public. Los Alamos County Department of Utilities would pump water starting at a new County-owned tank, which would be installed adjacent to the existing Pajarito 4 Tank (P4T) on West Road. The water would be transported up the pipeline and discharged into the existing County-owned Camp May Tank, near the Ski Hill Lodge. The majority of the transmission line and three pump stations would be installed within U.S. Forest Service (USFS) jurisdiction, while the new tank, a fourth pump station, and one short segment of the transmission line would be installed on land owned by U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Another short segment of line would be on County land. A map accompanies this description for the benefit of the reader.


The pipeline would be installed on mostly disturbed areas, primarily right outside the pavement strip on West Road and Ski Hill Road, starting at the P4T site. Four pump stations would be installed on strategic sites to the side of Ski Hill Road. At least three of the four pump station sites would be on previously disturbed terrain. The project would affect approximately 11 acres of land, of which about 9 are within USFS jurisdiction, 1.7 acres within DOE control, while the remainder lies within County jurisdiction.

Map of the waterline figure 1

Map of the waterline figure 2


The project would support County economic development plans, by providing for recreational snow-making, domestic water supply and more adequate fire suppression capabilities at the Pajarito Mountain Ski Area. Further development for recreational or other uses, beyond what exists today, would require larger facilities, which would have to be approved by the County Council, following public participation, plus coordination with federal agencies. The domestic supply will use potable water, while fire suppression and snow making will be based on non-potable supply. The County will deliver domestic and snow-making supply as commodities to Pajarito Mountain Ski Area.


Presently an Environmental Assessment (EA) is being conducted to analyze any significant impacts the proposed action may have on the environment.  The U.S. Forest Service is the lead federal agency.  As of February 16, 2018 the scoping period opened and the U.S. Forest service is accepting comments from the public through March 16, 2018.  Citizens may submit comments to the U.S. Forest Service -

1.  On the USFS website:  Link to the USFS - Camp May Water Pipeline Project.
2.  Through an email to Lynn Bjorkland at the Espanola Ranger District
3. Through the mail.  Send your comments to:

         Lynn Bjorklund
         Espanola Ranger District     
         Santa Fe National Forest
         1710 North Riverside Drive
         Espanola, NM  87532

Once a draft EA is completed, it will be made available for public input for an additional 30 days, before the final EA and a draft decision can be released to the public.

Please visit the USFS website for additional information on the Environmental Assessment process.