Jury duty scam calls are targeting residents

Published on July 01, 2024

Phone that says

Los Alamos County Customer Care Center (CCC) staff learned of scam text messages and phone calls that have been going out today. The sender/caller phone number ID on the messages is that of the CCC—(505) 662-8333—however the calls are not originating from that phone number.

CCC staff urges anyone receiving calls or texts from (505) 662-8333 to be aware of the following information.

  • The Los Alamos County Municipal Court has confirmed that they are not calling/texting jurors who didn’t show up for jury duty.
  • The texts say “This is Sgt. Troy Hughes Los Alamos County Sheriff’s Office!” Troy Hughes is a fire chief, not a sergeant, and he is from the Los Alamos Fire Department, not the sheriff’s office.
  • Calls and texts are directing their targets to go to the “lobby” at the Justice Center to access a kiosk system and pay a fine. There are no kiosks for payment at the Justice Center.
  • While the calls and texts reference case file numbers and citation IDs, they are not legitimate.

Should you ever receive a call or a text from (505) 662-8333 that gives you pause, please call the Customer Care Center directly to discuss it. If you have received a scam phone call or text message and would like to report it, call non-emergency police dispatch at (505) 662-8222.