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Atomic City Transit 


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DISPATCH: (505) 661-RIDE (7433) 
Mon. - Fri., 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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Real-time Route Information with ACT's new ACTracker 

Atomic City Transit is excited to announce that we are now providing real-time route information! Simply download the myStop Mobile iPhone app or view the ACTracker website at from any desktop or mobile device.

  • See where your bus is right now
  • View the next three estimated departure times for any bus stop
  • Set up email or text message alerts
  • Keep up-to-date with Public Service Message alerts
  • Create an account to subscribe to route messages and departure alerts

Also, look for the following features over the next few months:

  • QR codes at every bus stop, allowing quick access to the next three departures
  • Electronic signs which display estimated departure times at the Transit Center, in addition to the signs already in place at the Smith's bus stop on Trinity and the Los Alamos Public Library
  • Our schedule on Google Transit, which provides an easy way to plan your trip

A manual is available here. Please feel free to call us at 661-RIDE (7433) with any questions.

Earth Day Bus Service Saturday, April 25, 2015

Atomic City Transit will be providing bus service for Earth Day celebrations this Saturday, April 25th from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Buses will travel in a loop starting at the bus stop on Central Ave by the Justice Center across from the Library bus stop heading Eastbound down Central, left onto 15th St, left onto Canyon Rd and finally left back on to Central Ave. The bus will make this loop continuously with no set time points. A map of this route can be found here.

New Location for Bus Stops by Mountain School (Routes 4 and 8)

The Route 8 Express Route bus stop and the Route 4 PM loop bus stop by Mountain Elementary School have swapped places. This change will prevent the large Express Route bus from backing up into the small parking space by the bus stop while waiting for passengers to board.

  • Express Route 8 passengers should now wait by the stop next to the Northern playground.
  • Route 4 PM Loop passengers should now wait by the stop just South of the Southern playground.

A map of this change can be found here.

Comprehensive Transit Study and Five-Year Plan Update

At the December 4 Transportation Board meeting, the Board requested additional information be developed in response to concerns raised by the public and the Transportation Board requesting an alternative plan to keep Route 2M.  LSC Transportation Consultants posted three alternative plans on their website, and an Open Forum topic was established asking the question, “Which service option do you prefer?” with a closing date of January 8.  Three alternative plans with related documents were posted on the Open Forum. Comments posted on Open Forum were presented to the Transportation Board on January 8.    The Transportation Board recommended approval of the Comprehensive Transit Study and Five Year Plan to include the alternative plan which would restore the 2M Route and consider running a loop in Los Alamos.  The results from the Open Forum will be presented to Council on February 10th, at which time the Council will be asked to provide direction, and the final plan will be developed based on this direction.  Once Council provides direction, the solicitation of public comment will close, the Plan will be finalized by LSC, and an implementation plan will be developed.

The plan can be found at the following website:

Minor Schedule Adjustments Effective Wed., Nov. 26, 2014

Please review the new Schedule Packet for minor time adjustments made to time points on most routes. Hard copies are available on busesjust ask your driver for a copy.

Overview of changes:

  • Many time points are adjusted on each route (most adjustments are +/- 1 minute)
  • Route 2T ( AM and PM) begins its Inbound trip to the Transit Center 1 minute earlier
  • Route 2M (AM only) begins its Inbound trip to the Transit Center 1 minute earlier
  • Route 6 begins its Inbound trip to the Transit Center 2 minutes earlier

Please call 661-RIDE (7433) with any questions.

Routes & Schedules

Hard copies of the current Route and Schedule Packet are available on buses. Just ask your driver for a copy. A new Ride Guide is being finalized and will be printed and available on buses soon.

2014 Bandelier Shuttle Schedule - Shuttle services ended October 27, 2014

Route 2 Serves Airport Upon Request

ACT Route 2 serves the airport (LAM) upon request. Riders should advise the Route 2 driver of airport terminal building destination when boarding the bus. Riders should call 661-RIDE (7433) to request a Route 2 pick-up at the airport terminal building.

Pajarito Acres Service

Service to the Pajarito Acres area is now provided via ACT's curb to curb Dial-a-Ride Service. Those with a documented disability or who are age 60 and over can schedule rides up to three days in advance. The general public may request same day Dial-a-Ride service.

In addition, after Route 2 (Counter-Clockwise) and Peak Route 2 (Clockwise) completes the final three runs through White Rock at the end of the day, these buses will turn into Dial-a-Ride vehicles upon request in order to deliver riders to specific locations in White Rock, including Pajarito Acres. Riders requesting a Dial-a-Ride drop off should be sure to let their driver know when they board the bus. To further clarify, these are the Route 2 runs that leave the Transit Center at 6:27pm, 6:37pm, and 6:57pm each evening and arrive at their final stop in White Rock (Hwy 4 & Sherwood) at 6:50pm, 7:08pm, and 7:20pm respectively each evening.  

Public Transit Basics

Before riding Atomic City Transit, please review our Customer Service Policy. Parents, please review this Bus Safety Basics Coloring & Activity Book with your children to ensure they understand the safety tips discussed before they ride. To request a copy in the mail, please call Dispatch at 661-RIDE(7433).


Sign up for updates to Atomic City Transit services via our e-mail newsletter. If changes to bus services are made, we can alert you quickly. After you submit your request, you will receive a follow-up validation email message. You must complete the validation process to be added to the subscriber database.

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