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Atomic City Transit 


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DISPATCH: (505) 661-RIDE (7433) 
Mon. - Fri., 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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Central Avenue Construction Changes to Routes 1, 2M, and 3:

Central Ave is currently closed between 20th Street and just east of Oppenheimer. Oppenheimer is also closed between Central Ave and Trinity Dr.

As a result, all stops on the south side of Canyon Rd/Central Ave between Diamond Dr and 4th St are closed. Stops on the south side of Canyon Rd between Oppenheimer St and Trinity Dr are also closed.

Route 1 Detour: Route 1 Inbound will turn left onto 20th St from Central Ave and then right onto Trinity Dr. Temporary stops have been placed on the north side of Trinity in this area for Route 1 Inbound stops. 

Route 2M Detours: 2M Outbound (from Transit Center to White Rock) will turn right onto Trinity Dr from Diamond Dr and utilize Trinity Dr throughout the entire downtown area. Riders should utilize stops on the south side of Trinity throughout this area instead of the stops on Canyon/Central. Note: 2M Inbound (from White Rock to Transit Center) will continue to utilize the stops on the north side of Central Ave until 20th St. At 20th St the bus will turn left onto 20th, then right onto Trinity Dr and continue on to the Transit Center. Temporary stops have been placed on the north side of Trinity in this area for Route 2M Inbound stops. 

Route 3 Detour: Route 3 Outbound (from Transit Center) will turn right onto Trinity Dr from Diamond Dr and utilize Trinity Dr through the downtown area. Riders should utilize stops on the south side of Trinity throughout this area instead of the stops on Canyon/Central. Route 3 Inbound (to Transit Center) will travel along its regular route.

2014 Bandelier Shuttle Schedule

Atomic City Transit is operating a seasonal shuttle service from the White Rock Visitor Center to Bandelier National Monument from May 23rd through October 27th in 2014. Bandelier visitors must use the shuttle service between the hours of 9am and 3pm. See the 2014 Bandelier Shuttle Schedule for details and exceptions.

Routes & Schedules

Hard copies of the current Route and Schedule Packet are available on buses. Just ask your driver for a copy. A new Ride Guide is being finalized and will be printed and available on buses soon.

Route 2 Serves Airport Upon Request

ACT Route 2 serves the airport (LAM) upon request. Riders should advise the Route 2 driver of airport terminal building destination when boarding the bus. Riders should call 661-RIDE (7433) to request a Route 2 pick-up at the airport terminal building.

Pajarito Acres Service

Service to the Pajarito Acres area is now provided via ACT's curb to curb Dial-a-Ride Service. Those with a documented disability or who are age 60 and over can schedule rides up to three days in advance. The general public may request same day Dial-a-Ride service.

In addition, after Route 2 (Counter-Clockwise) completes the final two runs through White Rock at the end of the day, these buses will turn into Dial-a-Ride vehicles upon request in order to deliver riders to specific locations in White Rock, including Pajarito Acres. Riders requesting a Dial-a-Ride drop off should be sure to let their driver know when they board the bus. To further clarify, these are the Route 2 runs that leave the Transit Center at 6:27pm and 6:57pm each evening and arrive at their final stop in White Rock (Hwy 4 & Sherwood) at 7:00pm and 7:30pm respectively each evening.  

Public Transit Basics

Before riding Atomic City Transit, please review our Customer Service Policy. Parents, please review this Bus Safety Basics Coloring & Activity Book with your children to ensure they understand the safety tips discussed before they ride. To request a copy in the mail, please call Dispatch at 661-RIDE(7433).


Sign up for updates to Atomic City Transit services via our e-mail newsletter. If changes to bus services are made, we can alert you quickly. After you submit your request, you will receive a follow-up validation email message. You must complete the validation process to be added to the subscriber database.


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 Acting Transit Division Manager

Philo Shelton

Atomic City Transit Dispatch
101 Camino Entrada, Bldg 1, Los Alamos, NM 87544
(505) 661-RIDE (7433) / Fax: (505) 663-1816

Philo Shelton, the County's Public Works Director, is currently managing the Transit Division with the support of Jill Carothers, who supervises administrative staff, dispatch, and Dial a Ride services; and, Fran Suazo, who supervises the day-to-day fixed route operations. Both may be reached through Atomic City Transit Dispatch.

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