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Routes & Schedules 

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Use the ACTracker for real-time transit info and interactive route maps.

NOTE: Routes 2T and 3 "interline" at the Transit Center, that is, Route 2T turns into Route 3, and vice versa. This allows individuals to ride to/from White Rock and the high school, Aquatic Center, downtown, etc., without changing buses! 

Printable routes and schedules:

System Map  Schedule Tables
1 - Downtown Circulator
2 - White Rock via Main Hill (2M) and Truck Route (2T)
3 - Canyon / Central
4 - North Community
5 - Barranca Mesa
6 - North Mesa
Afternoon Express (7-11)

 12 - Bandelier Shuttle (May 14 - Oct. 18, 2016)



Since implementing the new service schedule on January 25th, we have received many comments about what is working, what is not, and where schedule adjustments may be needed to best serve the community.

In response, beginning Monday, May 23rd, we are "rotating" the entire schedule forward by 5 minutes to allow for better connections with NM Park and Ride buses. This change will affect the timing at each bus stop. Please pick up a copy of the revised schedule of the bus or download the schedule from one of the links below.

We also continue to collect data and suggestions from our riders and operators to formulate recommended schedule adjustments and/or route revisions to routes 2M & 2T (White Rock), "running times", timepoints on all routes, and other schedule modifications planned for implementation this summer. For more information, call (505) 661-7433.

Schedule Tables (single double-sided page)
Schedule Tables (full packet)

Contact Information
Public Works/Transit 
Atomic City Transit 
(505) 661-RIDE (7433)