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Welcome to the Public Works projects pages!  If you'd like to learn more about the Public Works Department and its responsibilities, please click here.

If you would like to contact us about any Public Works project, please call the Public Works Department at 505-662-8150 or send an email

Active Projects

Canyon Rim Trail Phase 2

The Canyon Rim Trail Project was awarded to Star Paving Company at the February 16, 2016 Council meeting. The project was awarded federal funds by NMDOT. The contractor and staff are working with NMDOT to provide all necessary federal reporting documentation to begin construction anticipated for mid-May.

Central Avenue Phase 2 Improvements

The project is currently in the final phase of design. It will consist of the reconstruction of Central Avenue from 9th Street through the 15th Street intersection. The proposed improvements include sanitary sewer placement, roadway reconstruction, ADA accessible sidewalk on both sides of the street, street and pedestrian lighting, landscaping, irrigation and street furniture. The project is schedule for bid advertisement in June with an anticipated construction start in August with a completion date of October 31.

Golf Course Parking Lot Improvements 

The demolition of the old golf course old pro shop is complete and GM Emulsion has begun construction of the final phase of the parking lot. This work will include installation of 11 paved parking spaces, a golf club drop off area and three light poles (one for the parking lot and two for the practice green). Also included in this work will be the relocation of the  Nexus sculpture from the triangle park at the intersection of Trinity Drive and Central Avenue to the grass area between the golf cart staging area and the practice green. This project is scheduled for completion by May 27, weather permitting.  

Knecht Street Improvements

The project is in the final design phase with construction forthcoming utilizing a County on-call construction contract. Proposed improvements include roadway reconstruction and drainage improvements of Knecht Street, from the Trinity Drive intersection south to the street terminus at Smith’s Marketplace. The project also proposes to incorporate a trail connection from Knecht Street to the Canyon Rim Trail and new ADA accessible sidewalk along the west side of the street.

NM 502 Trinity Drive – Knecht to Tewa Loop (NMDOT Project)

The roadway project limits of this New Mexico Department of Transportation project are on Trinity Drive, between Knecht Street to Tewa Loop. This project is funded in the FY2014 NMDOT District 5 State Transportation Improvement Program in the amount of $3.8 million. The County Capital Improvement Program has $1.125 million allocated for the County's match. Total available funding is $4.925 million. Design is underway, with construction anticipated to begin in 2017.

For more information on this project please contact Juan Rael, Project Development Engineer, at or (505) 827-5192.

Sherwood Blvd., La Vista & Tract A-19 Improvements

On May 20th, Los Alamos County took action to conclude its contract with RMCI, Inc. for their services relating to infrastructure installation at the A-19 parcel in White Rock.

RMCI was not successful with trenching to install utility lines needed to provide infrastructure at the A-19 site located north of SR4.  Earlier in the process, geotechnical sampling had identified that a portion of the area targeted for utility installation contained the problematic basalt.  Basalt is one of the hardest rock formations to penetrate, requiring specialized techniques, equipment, and personnel skilled and trained in rock cutting of this nature. During attempts to excavate, the extent of basalt coverage was far more than anticipated.  RMCI sought out two potential alternatives – by blasting and by use of specialized trenching equipment – yet the costs proposed were well beyond the established project budget.   The blasting option would have required significant pre- and post-monitoring challenges within the community and nearby LANL infrastructure. 

This is a temporary setback, however, we are confident that cost effective opportunities will arise and be more compatible with the evolving site layout as the developer continues their planning efforts and eventual development plan preparation. The County will  begin concentrating on other options in order to keep the project moving forward for the benefit of the White Rock community.

The A-19 parcel was part of a series of land transfers from the DOE to the County that occurred nearly 20 years ago in lieu of continued federal annual funding.  A-19 is part of the White Rock Master Plan vision, with a goal to develop a mixed-use project for housing, commercial and retail space on this prime piece of 70 acre-property located on SR4.

Western Area Phase 4 Improvements

The project is currently advertised for bid.  A non-mandatory pre-bid meeting was held April 26 and a bid opening was scheduled for May 5. The contract is on the May 23 Council agenda.

The project includes water utility and service line replacements, and reconstruction of 40th Street south of Sandia Drive to UNM-LA, the 40th/41st Street loop north of Sandia Drive, and 45th Street from Sandia Drive to 41st Street. The project also includes 37th Street, 38th Street, 39th Street and Ridgeway Drive in the Denver Steel Area.

Construction is scheduled to begin June 2016 with a completion date of October 31.

Utility and roadway improvements including water main upgrades, utility service connections, asphalt paving, curb, gutter, sidewalks, ADA curb ramps, drive pads, and drainage structures for the following streets: 

Western Area: 45th (Sandia to 41st); 40th/41st Loop; 40th Street (from Sandia to UNM-LA turnaround).

Denver Steel Area: 39th Street (Orange to Ridgeway); 38th Street (39th to Ridgeway); 37th Street (39th/Orange to Ridgeway); Orange (Diamond to 37th Street).

White Rock Senior Center & Town Hall Remodel

The remodel work will include a new administrative area in the current White Rock Branch Library building, create a program area in the current White Rock Senior Center building, and provide minor refurbishing for the White Rock Town Hall and White Rock Activity Center. All buildings will receive a new HVAC system and wall treatments. Windows are expected to be replaced in all four buildings, along with new storefronts and other miscellaneous improvements.

On April 5, 2016, Council approved the construction contract with R&M Construction. Subsequently, a preconstruction meeting was held, construction crews have mobilized and work is underway. Crews from Facilities Division were instrumental in disposing and salvaging materials from the site in furtherance of the project.

Major Facility Maintenance (MFM) Projects 

Fire Station 2 and 4 HVAC Systems

The air conditioning at Fire Station 4 is 12 years old and has been failing.  The boiler is 40+ years old and is inefficient.  The boiler at Fire Station 2 is 50+ years old and inefficient.  There is also asbestos insulation covering the pipes in areas which can be disturbed. 

Fire Station 3 Bunkroom Walls Insulation

Emergency roof repairs to seal numerous leaks are complete.

Architectural work continues to design a more substantial reroofing, including a wall system, window replacement and HVAC system to better insulate and control the temperature in the bunkrooms. Construction is contemplated for late 2016 through early 2017.

Fuller Lodge Phases 2-4 Remodel and Historical Museum Improvements  

R&M Construction began work in February and is making steady progress on both facilities.

The work at Fuller Lodge includes the west and east entries, remodel of the first floor main restrooms, north, south and west wings window replacements, stucco color coat, wood inlay refreshing, remodel of the reception area, landscaping, concrete work near the kitchen entrance, concrete and snow melt work for the west entry way including the steps and ramp areas and replacement of the elevator. 

The Historical Museum work includes numerous exterior building refurbishments, boiler replacement to include adding air conditioning to protect the artifacts, window and door refurbishments, door refurbishments, HVAC replacement, fire alarm work, ADA restroom upgrades, floor refinishing, electrical upgrades, creation of an interior ramp to serve the north portion of the building, improved front area to provide a seating area and rehabilitation of the front steps and landing, and other associated work. 

Los Alamos Police/Fire Dispatch Lighting Improvements 

Design to improve the lighting needs of the dispatch area is underway and scheduled for completion in May. Changes to the system will include removing the existing fluorescent lighting system and installing dimmable LED fixtures to customize lighting levels. On-call electrical contractors will perform the work

Municipal Building - Emergency Power Verification 

Determine electrical capacity to house a secondary Emergency Operations center as well as a JIC/PIC (Joint Information Center/Public Information Center).