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The public is invited to attend a series of public meetings requested by the Council on Dec. 8 as part of their deliberations on narrowing a project list to fund possible future capital projects.

Based on Council direction on Dec. 8, the list of projects forms the basis for a new CIP, which could be funded either directly from CIP funds for design and construction, or, could be placed to a public vote no later than May 2017 and (if successful) paid for with a bond. To review the list of projects that were being discussed as of Dec. 8, download this one-page PDF document. In addition, the Council is seeking new projects not identified on this list. They are also seeking general feedback from the public about the Dec. 8 list, as well as input about three topic areas: Economic Development (ED)/Infrastructure, Parks & Recreation, and Quality of Life.

The monument sign is in fabrication with the foundation work slated to begin once state permits have been issued. Demolition of the storage building and expansion of the parking lot is scheduled to begin in the spring.

Public Meetings will be held as listed below for both Los Alamos & White Rock:


February 19th Council Meeting Will Address Capital Project Deferrals 

The County Council will meet on Feb. 19 (7:00 p.m., Council Chambers) to discuss this project and seven other projects approved in May 2012 for design and construction. The Council’s adopted budget guidance is to defer some projects up to four years and up to $12.5 million in order to assist with currently projected shortfalls. This project, as approved in May 2012, will be the project that either proceeds or is deferred - projects will not be revisited during this meeting for a reduction/change in scope of work. Citizens may submit written comments to the Council in advance of the February 19 meeting stating the reason(s) they believe this project should proceed this year.  Please e-mail such comments to: For the meeting on Feb. 19, County Staff will prepare information for a variety of decision criteria categories, including: project cost, costs related to deferral (i.e. Increased construction costs, CPI), project schedule, compliance with strategic goals, and projected operational expenses (which could include utilities, maintenance, lease costs, contractual support, or other associated costs).  

The format for the Feb. 19 meeting will be:  Staff presentations, followed by Councilor clarifying questions, and then public comment will be requested. Following this, the Council will consider public comments and staff presentations. A vote to adopt the revised list of projects is expected by the close of the meeting. In order to keep the meeting moving toward final decisions, project teams have been asked to select one “key” spokesperson for their project to address the Council during Public Comment. Each individual will have up to 3 minutes to address the Council. Other public comment will then be taken as time allows.  The meeting will be broadcast live on PAC 8 television and streamed from the “County Council” link on the webpage. 

The list of CIP projects approved on Feb. 19 will be used to complete the FY 14 budget preparation process and to allow for budgetary planning into future years. In a message from the County Manager to the eight project teams, Harry Burgess noted: “It must be acknowledged that current revenue projections could change in response to the implementation of “sequestration” at the federal level, in which case all County budget decisions could be subject to re-evaluation. The Council desires to fund and construct all projects on the approved 2012 list; it simply is not financially feasible for them to do so, given today’s budget constraints.” 

Previous Messages

A Message from County Manager Harry Burgess

Tuesday night, the County Council discussed FY 14 budget guidance during their regular session in Los Alamos. As I outlined in my earlier budget message to all of our Capital Project teams, the Council did not have any specific discussions about individual projects. However, they did move their Work Session (typically held in White Rock) to Los Alamos and changed it to be a Regular Session on Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 7:00 p.m. in Council Chambers to address capital projects. In their budget guidance, they have asked Staff to prepare an FY 14 budget that will defer some projects for up to four years and up to $12.5 million. The meeting on Feb. 19 will address exactly “how” to do that.

In anticipation of the Feb. 19 meeting, I know that many of you are anxious to learn more about their process for identifying and prioritizing projects that will move forward in FY 14, and how it will be determined which projects get deferred until later years. Let me re-emphasize that the Council desires to accomplish all of these projects. I will be meeting with Chair Rodgers and County project staff to develop more details on the agenda and format for that meeting in the next week. As soon as I have information, I will let our project teams know.

On Jan. 23, 2013, County Manager Harry Burgess issued a message to all project managers, sponsors and stakeholders for capital projects approved in 2012 for design & construction. His message addressed the agenda for the January 29, 2013 council meeting and discussions about the County's current budget shortfall and planning for next year's budget. The Council meeting will be held January 29 at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers. To read the County Manager's message, link here.

Project History

On December 7, 2010, County Council authorized staff to move forward with the CIP Phase I Study for the Golf Course Improvements at the existing facility.  The study included review of the current irrigation system, water storage, the feasibility of practice facility expansion to mitigate safety concerns, the re-routing of holes, cart path replacement, and potential renovation of fairways, bunkers, greens and tees. 

The study team included a golf course analyst to review golf and maintenance operations, provide a market and economic assessment, as well as the number of rounds these improvements may generate. This analysis also reviewed what the appropriate maintenance budgets should be in order to maintain the course in good condition.

A public meeting was held September 21, 2011, which primarily focused on gathering public feedback on basic conceptual designs. The $75,000 study, provided planning, schematic design options, programming and a cost analysis for each of the tasks listed above.

The final Master Plan report for the Golf Course Improvements was presented to the Parks and Recreation Board on Wednesday, February 29th and to the Capital Improvements Program (CIP) Committee on Tuesday, March 6th. The Parks and Recreation board gave the improvement project a positive motion recommending Alternative 2.  The CIP Committee gave the project the same positive motion of recommendation for Alternative 2. These recommendations were then passed along to the County Manager for consideration in the Fiscal Year 2013/2014 county budget development process. Prioritization and funding of these CIP projects was then discussed at the County Council budget hearings April 16, 17 and 18, 2012.

Golf Course Improvements project was one of six Capital Improvement Program projects presented to County Council at their special CIP meetings May 15th and 16th for consideration. Prior to the Council meetings, the project sponsors and stakeholders were asked to address three questions. The first was, could the project scope and the project cost be reduced; the second was, could the project be delayed or phased; and, the third question was, are there other financing options available. Each of these questions was to be addressed by the project sponsor/stakeholder during their short project presentations.

The Golf Course Improvements were presented by Randy Smith, the project sponsor.  His presentation discussed the four options prepared by the project architect, as follows:

  •  The first option was a do nothing approach in which the golf course would remain in its current condition and no investment would be made for improvements. 
  • The second option was to rebuild the course in its current layout and adding safety netting, while forgoing many of the safety issues identified in the master plan report.
  • The third option was to rebuild the course and make improvements around the driving range; however safety concerns in other areas of course would not being addressed. 
  • The fourth option was to relocate the driving range and the place two holes outside the current golf course boundary.  This option was the favored option amongst the stakeholder groups.

The fourth option addresses all the safety issues associated with the golf course, plus it includes the development of a regional park designation for the areas surrounding the golf course.

At the Council Council Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects meetings held on May 15th and 16th, 2012, the County Council funded a 4-phased golf course improvement project. This project includes a new irrigation system, the relocation of the driving range and the placement of two holes outside the current golf course boundary. These improvements address the safety issues identified in the Master Plan report and the development of a regional park designation for the area surrounding the golf course. 

You are invited to review the final Master Plan Report, click here.

The four year phasing plan was as follows:

Phase 1 - Design and Specialty Work: $2,062,100 in FY2013. Scope includes design and engineering, water tank utility station, relocation of power lines, and trail work and a pedestrain bridge.

Phase 2 - Holes 10-15 (north of Diamond): $2,897,400 in FY2014. Scope includes improvements to holes 10-15, pump station, restroom, and turf grow-in.

Phase 3 - Holes 1, 16, 17, 18, Range, Practice Green: $2,483,400 in FY2015. Scope includes parking lot adjustments, improvements to holes 1, 16-18, range, and practive green, and turf grow-in.

Phase 4 - Holes 2-9: $3,840,900 in FY2016. Scope includes parking lot adjustments, improvements to holes 2-9, restrooms, new access maintenance road, and turf grow-in.

In September 30, 2012, a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Full Service Golf Course Consultant was advertised and the County received two responsive responses. The award of the design services agreement was scheduled for Coucnil consideration at the December 18 County Countil meeting. This project was then placed on hold pending budget discussions.


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Public Works Department 
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