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Updates as of October 17, 2013

The contractor for the Ashley Pond Park Improvements Projects is wrapping up work this month.  The pond has been filled to the designated water level and all systems are in place and functional. The ADA sidewalk leading to the pond and landscaping with irrigation systems is wrapping up. The "sand crane" sculpture was returned to the pond and the fountain is operational in the center of the pond. Sod planting is taking place around the pond. The concert stage at the southeast corner is in place and its removeable canopy was lifted into place this past week.

The contractor's construction fence should come down on Monday, October 28. The contractor has until November 11 to complete any repair work, punch list items, clean up, and demobilization.

The ducks were relocated during construction to a temporary home by the local group, the Duck Buddies. Their representatives will determine "when" to return them safely to the pond.
A rededication event and community celebration marking the completion of this important project will be announced next Spring. Some additional plantings at the pond and restocking of fish will not occur until next Spring, for seasonal considerations.
This will be the final project webpage update unless the completion date of November 11 is not reached. The webpage will be archived the week of November 18. The rededication date will be announced next spring through the use of press releases, ads, and an e-newsletter announcement to subscribers for the project.

Project Budget: $2,226,471

Ashley Pond Park is approximately three acres located in the heart of downtown Los Alamos. It has significant historic value to Los Alamos, and presently serves as a center for community activities. 

Ashley Pond Park is considered "the jewel" of Los Alamos to many citizens. However, the pond itself is in the early stages of eutrophication - a depletion of oxygen in the water; it is the process by which a body of water becomes rich in dissolved nutrients from fertilizer or sewage, thereby encouraging the growth and decomposition of oxygen-depleting plant life and resulting in harm to other organisms.

The changes include improvements to the pond structure that will improve ADA accessibility, enhance water quality and resolve storm water drainage issues, plus construction of new sidewalks and bulkheads around the pond, new landscaping and water features, and a new concert stage with a removable cover at the southeast corner of the pond with an electrical infrastructure to support lighting and a sound system for events.







Project Contact
Project Manager 
Audoro Espinoza 
Public Works Dept. 


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