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The Role of the Animal Control Division

The Animal Control division is responsible for providing animal control services in the County. This includes enforcement of state and local laws and ordinances regarding animal welfare, impounding stray domestic animals (dogs and cats), and animal shelter operations - which consists of animal intake and release, animal care, volunteer programs and adoption of animals.

Public Safety Aides (PSA's) are available to assist citizens with animal control issues. To request a PSA please call dispatch at 662-8222. Please contact the Animal Shelter at 662-8179 if you would like information that is not provided here.


Contact Numbers

Los Alamos County Animal Control deals only with domestic animals. We are also available to assist you with other animal issues and concerns. The following is an abbreviated list of surrounding agencies that we frequently call upon:


  • NM State Game and Fish – 827-7899
  • Espanola Wildlife Center – 753-9505
  • Santa Fe County Animal Control – 424-2050
  • Santa Fe Animal Shelter – 983-4309
  • Santa Fe Emergency Vet – 984-0625
  • Espanola Animal Control – 753-4630
  • Espanola Animal Shelter – 753-8662


Hours of Operation

12 pm to 6 pm, Monday through Friday

10 am to 1 pm, Saturday & Sunday

The PSA on duty is subject to respond to calls.  There will be no PSAs on call on weekends but police officers will assist.

Other times by appointment: call 662-8222 or 662-8179.


Shelter Fees

Cash, or check (payable to Los Alamos County) VISA and MasterCard accepted.


Roaming Animals

Police dispatch should be called for all roaming animals, barking dogs, or bites.  The shelter can be called for adoptions/surrenders, lost/found, wildlife trap requests, etc.

To claim a roaming animal, the owner must provide paperwork proving current rabies vaccination and pay the capture and boarding fees:

  • $10 - Capture 1st offense
  •   $5 - Boarding fee per day 

All fees are per animal, and do not include other assessments imposed by the courts.


Shelter Fees

  • $35 - for animals previously sterilized
  • $60 - for animals sterilized by the Los Alamos County


The Animal Shelter staff works with a local organization, The Friends of the Shelter, to care for animals that are eligible for adoption. The County has a very high animal adoption rate -- good news for the stray or roaming animals picked up in our County!


Volunteer Opportunities

The Los Alamos County Animal Shelter has an extensive volunteer program. The volunteers walk dogs, socialize cats, groom and bathe animals, and foster animals that have been at the shelter for too long a period of time.

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