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Los Alamos County Trail Network 

The canyons and mesas in and around Los Alamos are linked by a 58-mile network of trails. Hikers, runners, horseback riders, mountain bikers, and other trail users delight in the variety of trails from which to choose. The trails offer a quick escape from the hectic pace in the town, a route to commute to work, an easy stroll or a physical challenge, and a chance to observe wildlife or to soak in impressive views.


Trail Map

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Current Trail Conditions (as of July 21, 2015)

Floods washed away most of the canyon bottoms sections of the Mitchell Trail above the big water tank north of the trailhead. Use caution: the route is rugged but passable.

The trails along West Jemez Road on the Santa Fe National Forest were all impacted by flooding.

  • The Water Canyon Trail has been repaired from State Road 501 to Forest Road 181 (the entire trail).
  • Cañon de Valle Trail has a lot of loose gravel washed onto the lower 1.5 miles and is fine for hiking, challenging for biking. The upper half of the trail is in great shape.
  • Pajarito Canyon/Nail Trail Loop has washouts, but is good for hiking or mountain biking.

Trail Network Signage Plan Working Draft

During public meetings on the Community Trail Plan last year, trail users identified the lack of adequate signage as the number one problem with the trail network. Click here to visit the Trail Signage Plan page.

Los Alamos Community Trail Plan

Los Alamos County has enlisted the assistance of Trail Solutions, a program of the International Mountain Bike Association, to assess the County Trail Network and develop a Community Trail Plan. Click here to visit the Community Trail Plan page.

 Additional Info and Links

Open Space Management Plan
Trail Signage Plan
Trail Guides: Maps and Descriptions
Trailhead Trip Guides
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Open Space Specialist 
Eric Peterson 
505 663-1776