Meters & Billing Cycles
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For all billing inquiries or to learn more about assistance programs, please contact the Customer Care Center. 


DPU bills customers throughout the month on a 25-30 day billing cycle, which is based on each customer’s neighborhood meter-reading schedule. If a “Y” appears in the “Est. Read” column on your bill, this means our billing system estimated your meter-read in the absence of a visual-read by a Meter Reader. Visual reads may be inhibited by plant overgrowth, locked or frozen gates rendered impassable, animals in the meter area, or snow or debris covering the meter. All estimated reads are validated individually by Customer Care Center Staff against historical norms.

Customers may also submit their own meter reads to the Customer Care Center. Contact the Customer Care Center for instructions.

The due date of payments is 25 calendar days after the Billing Date on your bill. On the 26th day, all existing charges become past due and a 1% late fee is assessed.


At this time, only North Mesa and Barranca Mesa have electric smart meters. These meters allow customers to view their electric consumption in 15 minute increments. This knowledge empowers them to make adjustments to consumption to save money and energy.

Customers who have a smart meter may set up an account and access their consumption data through the My Meter Portal at