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Landscape Materials at Eco Station

Compost, green waste mulch and pallet mulch is available free of charge at the Eco Station.

Material Loading Assistance:

A loading fee will be assessed at $3.00 per cubic yard of material.

Assistance with loading materials into trucks and trailers is available from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. The Eco Station has a smaller staff on weekends and therefore loading assistance may not be immediately available. Please call 662-8163 to check if material and loading assistance are available.

More information on composting.

Delivery service is available, please reference rate sheet.

Asphalt Millings and Crushed Concrete:
Please contact Dave Tainter Trucking at 505-747-7700

Garden Bags:
Reusable garden sacks may be purchased at Eco Station for $11.25 ea.

Paper garden bags may be purchased at Eco Station for $1.00 ea.

Backyard Composting:
Backyard compost bins can be purchased at the Eco Station for $60.00. A backyard compost bin is a great way to reduce waste going to the landfill and make a great soil amendment at the same time. Check out the backyard composting guide to get started today.



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