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DWI Program

DWI Program

The Los Alamos County DWI program is to help with incidences of DWI, alcoholism, alcohol abuse, alcohol-related domestic violence and underage drinking in Los Alamos County.

The program provides the following:
  • Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention
    • Evidence-based Prevention are in place to address the needs of all community members, including school students about educate individuals about the risks of drinking and driving, behavior change and underage drinking prevention.
  • Enforcement
    • Monthly meetings are held to coordinate the efforts of law enforcement agencies in Los Alamos County. These agencies collaborate in conducting activities such as DWI checkpoints, DWI saturation patrols, DWI warrant enforcement, public educational events, and underage drinking enforcement efforts. 
  • Screenings/Compliance Monitoring
    • The Los Alamos County DWI Program supports screening of DWI Offenders. The mandatory screening process generates data on DWI offenders for a state-wide database. DWI offenders are closely tracked to ensure compliance with court ordered sanctions.

  • Coordination
    • The Coordination, Planning and Evaluation component is administered by a professional responsible for oversight of all local DWI program efforts: monitoring all activities; budgeting, planning and funding requests; development, maintenance and reporting on all requirements; evaluation of the grant project progress and impact; submission of all required financial and program reports; staffing the Local DWI Planning Council; and attending DWI Grant Council meetings

  • Public Information and Education

  • Treatment
    • DWI Offenders are screened and assessed. A Licensed therapist completes a detailed assessment with each offender individually, determines the level of care that is appropriate based upon the severity of the offender’s alcohol problems and makes a recommendation for necessary treatment. If a recommendation is made, it becomes mandatory for an offender to complete the treatment per court sentence. There are several programs that assist offenders pay for their treatment.
    • The Los Alamos DWI Program also participates in RACSTOP through the SMART Recovery Program.



A representative of L.A.W. Publications is working with us in our ongoing crime prevention, safety education, and substance abuse programs. Our representative, Jay Vanry, is in the process of contacting local businesses for sponsorship of our DWI program literature brochures that are to be distributed to our local High School and Middle School. You can assist us by allowing the L.A.W. Publications’ representative a few moments to explain this project and how you, as a sponsor, can help provide this valuable information to our community. For additional information regarding L.A.W Publications Click Here

For more information, please contact:
 - DWI Coordinator, Donna Casados, at (505) 662-8312 or via email at donna.casados@lacnm.us
 - DWI Compliance Officer, Monica Schwiner, at (505) 662-8027 or email at monica.schwiner@lacnm.us

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