Defensive Driving
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If you have been ordered, by Los Alamos Municipal Court, to attend a Defensive Driving Class you have two options. You can attend a class (normally held at night or on the weekend) or you can complete a course online. The following are some companies that provide approved defensive driving classes:


Santa Fe

Roadrunner Driver Improvement (505) 438-8782

HS Pink Defensive Driving (505) 982-7001

Drive 505 (505) 920-3456

NM Defensive Driving Schools (505) 440-3597


Advantage Training (505) 423-5299


*Spanish Course Available

There are costs associated with the courses and you are required to pay all fees. 

You may use another course not listed here; however, the course must be approved by the State of New Mexico. For a full listing of approved Driving Safety Schools visit

If the Judge orders you to take a Defensive Driving Course, you are required to provide the Court with a copy of your certificate of completion for the course. If the court does not receive a copy of your certificate within the required period you will be notified to appear before the court to show Cause for Non-Compliance.

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