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Housing iconPriority Areas: 1) Promote the creation of a variety of housing options for all segments of the Los Alamos Community, including infill opportunities as appropriate, and 2) Support development of affordable workforce housing

Why is this important? 

Los Alamos County citizens expect safe and pleasant neighborhoods with home prices that meet their budgets and homes that meet quality standards and county code. In order to compete with areas outside of Los Alamos County, and persuade homeowners to purchase a home and live here, Los Alamos County must provide infrastructure that supports safe and pleasant neighborhoods with housing quality and housing prices that meet all budgets. Providing workforce housing that meets a variety of needs for all business types is important, to encourage employees to live and work in Los Alamos.

What does this mean? 

We will be a community where all neighborhoods are safe, healthy and uniquely inviting. Quality, affordable housing choices exist for all ages, incomes and circumstances. Neighborhoods have amenities to meet daily needs and live a healthy life. Thoughtful planning processes with opportunities for resident inclusion in decisions is part of our community growth strategies; we seek to identify available infill opportunities but address housing density in ways that minimize impacts on existing neighborhoods. We provide quality workforce housing to bring good jobs to our community and assist our businesses in hiring employees who want to live and work in Los Alamos.

How do we achieve our goal? 

Los Alamos County will promote the maintenance and enhancement of the quality of existing houses through programs that provide home buying and renovation assistance for income-eligible homeowners as a means of providing housing options to important segments of our community and improving existing neighborhoods through house refurbishment. Los Alamos County will also promote the creation of a variety of housing options for all segments of the community through public-private initiatives. A priority focus area will be development of affordable workforce housing to support our business community and schools. Neighborhoods and property values are protected by providing clean, attractive, beautiful areas, with support provided through proactive code enforcement activities and improved language strengthening County-related ordinances. The Comprehensive Plan guides efforts for the community and was updated and adopted in 2016. The Planning & Zoning Commission consists of citizens appointed by Council to study long-range planning and land development issues.

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Additionally, Los Alamos County will provide infrastructure, like roads, police and fire services, and amenities, like parks and recreation opportunities, which result in safe and pleasant neighborhoods. Read more about ways Los Alamos County invests in infrastructure and recreation.