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Fire Administration 

The Administration Division provides overall management of the Department. Staff members provide administrative support to other Divisions, assist with the development of annual budgets, and support the contract between the County and the LANL. This Division manages the facilities, personal property and equipment assigned to the Department and is responsible for the management of personnel and related functions.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be recognized by our entire community and other fire agencies as a premier fire department that is committed to placing the highest priority on the best of service quality. We are driven to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.
Our organizational culture will reflect an honest and respectful team atmosphere which is nurtured by open internal and external communication processes. The health, fitness, and competence of our professional staff will convey our enthusiasm in our commitment to excellence; demonstrating the utmost compassion, respect, and professionalism in our equal and non-prejudicial delivery of services to those who reside, work, or visit our community.
Our leadership and work force will be dedicated to holding each other accountable for applying our organizational values and for reaching our goals. In our culture, emphasis will be placed upon gaining understanding and consensus with all organizational issues. Attention will be given to achieving quality professional development, and a strong commitment will be given to maintaining a friendly and respectful work environment, contributing to high employee job satisfaction.
We will honor our community’s trust by providing timely, effective, and fiscally-responsible services to all areas of our community. By proactively addressing our unique community hazards and risks, and the evolving demands of those risks, we will establish a standard of response and coverage to assure the balanced protection of our communities. We will implement physical and mobile resources and deployment strategies which carry the best interest of safety to our communities and firefighters.
We will expand our community information and education programs, providing a clear understanding of our priorities, philosophy, and operations. We will explore all opportunities to efficiently implement new technology to continually elevate the levels of service driven by our communities’ risks and needs. We will be driven to offer best practices in all of our endeavors by maintaining international fire accreditation; validating that the communities of Los Alamos County are provided with outstanding services.

“We, the Los Alamos County Fire Department, are committed to the safety and welfare of everyone in our diverse community. We promise exceptional services in the preservation of life, the environment, and property.”


Inherent to the Mission Statement is the responsibility for each of our employees to support our mission by subscribing to the following values.

  • Foster customer faith and trust in our services.
  • Promote positive attitudes and conduct in accomplishing goals.
  • Understand lives are more valuable than property.
  • Respect the safety of the public and our members.
  • Exhibit dedication, quality care, and courteous service.
  • Encourage trust, respect, honesty, fairness, and integrity.
  • Commit to excellence.
  • Evaluate effectiveness, efficiency and economy.
  • Prosper in unity and teamwork.
  • Strive for continuous improvement.
  • Nurture and practice the free exchange of ideas.
  • Cultivate involvement in decision-making processes.
  • Recognize LAFD employees as our most valuable resource.


 Admin Docs

 Fire Administrative Staff

Troy Hughes
Fire Chief

Justin Grider
Deputy Fire Chief

Wendy Servey
Division Fire Chief (Safety)

Joseph Candelaria
Division Fire Chief (Training)

Paul Grano
Battalion Chief (LANL Training)

Ben Stone
Division Fire Chief (EMS)

Jeff Wetteland
Division Fire Chief (Fire and Life Safety/Fire Marshal)

Ramon Garcia
Battalion Chief (Wildland)

Steven Dawald
Battalion Chief (A shift)

Justin Cassel
Battalion Chief (B Shift)

Battalion Chief (C Shift)

Kelly Grace-Meyer
Captain (Training)

Stephen Rinaldi
F&LS Coordinator

Sharyl R Hofer
Security and Safeguards/Labor Relations Manager

Norma Jean Valdez (Accreditation Manager)
Management Analyst

Heather Garcia
Management Analyst

Beverly Purtymun
Management Analyst

Donna McHenry
EMS Training Coordinator

Marisha Griego (EMS)
Fire Life Safety Coordinator

Stephen Rinaldi (Fire Marshal's Office)
Senior Office Specialist

Bernadine Martinez (Operations/Safety)
Senior Office Specialist

Ana Martinez (Training)
Senior Office Specialist

Marisol Padilla (Administration/F&LS/Public Outreach Coordinator)
Senior Office Specialist

Louisa S. Martinez
Fire Life Safety Technology Specialist  (Training/Operations)

 LAFD News

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Contact Information
Senior Office Specialist 
Marisol Padilla