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Richard Garcia 

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Division Chief (Safety) 

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Division Chief Richard Garcia was introduced to firefighting while serving with the US Navy in 1975.  After four years in the Navy, he returned to his hometown of Las Cruces, New Mexico and was hired as a Firefighter with the Department of Defense at White Sands.  After serving 14 years as a Firefighter at the White Sands Test Facility, he wanted to get out of the desert climate and get into a cooler and greener area, so he and his son moved up North and Richard was hired on with the Los Alamos County Fire Department.

Richard promoted through the ranks to his current position as Battalion Chief.  He has an Instructor Level III Certification, and is a New Mexico State Fire Academy Fire Essentials Instructor, Wildland Fire Instructor, and National Safety Council Defensive Driving Instructor.  In addition, Richard is a member of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors.  Since 1997 Richard has been instrumental in coordinating, instructing, and preparing recruits for graduation as Training Battalion Chief. Richard is our Safety Division Chief.

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