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White Rock Downtown Master Plan/Economic Development Strategy
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White Rock Downtown Master Plan/Economic Development Strategy 
White Rock’s Implementation Committee Focuses on Making the Vision a Reality

Spearheading one of the most ambitious planning efforts conducted to date in Los Alamos County, many White Rock citizens who helped create the vision for a revitalized town center in 2007 are still involved in its implementation today.  For details about the WR Implementation Committee and its membership, vision, plan and projects, as well as how you can get involved, click here.

Background: Why did the County develop a Master Plan and Economic Development Strategy for White Rock?

Both Los Alamos and White Rock have a central business area, but over the years the commercial area in White Rock (which was primarily developed in the 1970’s) has experienced a decline, as many small retail businesses have moved out and relatively few office and service jobs exist.  White Rock is somewhat isolated, bordered on the north by San Ildefonso Indian Reservation land, and on the east and south by the Santa Fe National Forest.  Although the homes and recreational facilities in the community continue to be well maintained, there is a perception that “downtown” White Rock appears to be less well-maintained and less attractive, especially as viewed from its main entranceway, State Road 4.

Economic development in White Rock has also been impeded by a lack of open developable land and relatively weak market demand.  The limitation on developable land has recently lessened with the County’s acquisition of a major parcel of land located on State Road 4 from the Department of Energy, known as parcel A-19.  Prospects also exist for an additional transfer to the County of as much as 2,800 acres of undeveloped land farther along State Road 4 to the southwest of the existing White Rock community.

One of the County Council’s primary reasons for having the Plan is to create both short- and long-term plans of action to reverse the White Rock commercial area’s perceived decline, to improve the community’s image as more than a separated bedroom community, and to make it a more vibrant, convenient, and economically developed location with sustained commercial and retail activity.

The Plan is comprehensive in that it involves the disciplines of planning, urban design, and economic development in the production of a practical document to guide the County Council in making strategic policy, land use, ordinance, and infrastructure investment decisions relating to the future of this important community.

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