Transportation Safety Specialist
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17-75 Transportation Safety Specialist

Posted on: 2017/04/20

Minimum Qualifications:
•High School Diploma or GED. 
•Four years’ experience in a traffic, transit, or safety related field.   
•Must possess or have ability to obtain within first sixty days of employment and must maintain a valid New Mexico Class D driver’s license.
•Must possess or ability to obtain within six months of employment, and maintain Instructor certification in CPR, First Aid and Defensive Driving Certification (DDC).
•Must possess or ability to obtain within six months of employment, and maintain IMSA or ATSSA Work Zone Safety Certification. 
•Must possess or ability to obtain within one year of employment, and maintain federal certificates OSHA 500 and OSHA 501.
•Successful completion of the pre-employment physical exam prior to commencing work.

Preferred Qualifications:
•Computer literacy and skill on a personal computer with skill in ACAD, Word, Excel, and Access.
•One year traffic operation in lead technician capacity.
•IMSA or ATSSA Work Zone Administrator Certified.
•ATSSA Flagger Instructor Certification.

The general level and nature of this position are described in the headings below.  This is not an all- inclusive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required of personnel in this classification.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
•Knowledge of all related federal, state and local safety regulations, protocols and/or procedures. 
•Knowledge and use of transportation standards set forth in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Standards; National Electrical Code, Life Safety Code, Uniform Building Code, and Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and state and local Traffic Codes and Ordinances.
•Knowledge and experience in setting goals, developing strategies and schedules to achieve goals and anticipate obstacles and alternative strategies. 
•Knowledge of transportation control devices, primarily temporary transportation control standards, design and layout.  •Knowledge of the procedures and practices of installation, inspection, maintenance and repairs of temporary traffic control.  
•Skill in organizing, and prioritizing effectively.
•Skill in performing safety inspections and ensuring compliance with OSHA safety standards.
•Ability to operate various testing equipment and record results.
•Ability to communicating effectively, both orally and in writing.
•Ability to independently install, inspect, maintain and repair traffic control devices.
•Ability to design, read and interpret maps and plans with device designation.  
•Ability to develop, implement, and enforce safety programs and protocols.
•Ability to maintain confidentiality.
•Ability to operate various environmental equipment.
•Ability to investigate, gather data, compile information, analyze information, draw conclusions and prepare reports. 
•Ability to react calmly and effectively in emergency situations.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

•Receives, evaluates, coordinates, approves and permits road closures and transportation impedance throughout the county.  
•Designs, drafts, analyzes and approves traffic control plans.  
•Monitors and inspects all temporary traffic control zones occurring on or near the roadway to insure conformance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and other established safety procedures and practices, as well as, compliance with federal, state and local codes, rules and regulations.
•Issues stop work orders and notices of violation to crews and contractors that are not in conformance with standards.  
•Maintains, inventories, and issues traffic control devices to internal and external customers.
•Prepares specific recommendations for the Traffic and Streets Manager in regards to eliminating transportation related hazards affecting county employees, contractors and the public.  Analyzes work zone and other traffic related crashes, maintains a county wide crash database and prepares reports on findings and recommendations for improvements. 
•Establishes safe working practices in temporary traffic control zones.
•Develops, updates and enforces all transportation safety programs and recommends policies and policy changes.
•Develops and administers various transportation training programs; updates all transportation training programs to stay current with changing legislations; trains all employees and enforces rules and regulations on transportation related policies and procedures, including the MUTCD, OSHA, DOT, FTA, Drug and Alcohol Programs, safety principles and practices, applicable local, state and federal laws, policies and procedures.
•Conducts safety audits of all county transportation related worksites and operations to assure compliance with established transportation safety procedures and practices; prepares specific recommendations for elimination of transportation hazards affecting county employees, contractors, and the public.
•Works with employees, supervisors, and managers to establish safe transportation working practices.
•Prepares for, and responds to, transportation related emergencies, evacuations, incidents, and accidents.
•Makes recommendations to the division manager for implementing preventative measures in regards to these situations.
•Enforces all transportation rules, regulations, safety principles and practices as set forth in the MUTCD, County Code, and the New Mexico State Code, and with the Federal Highway Administration, Federal Transit Administration, New Mexico Department of Transportation, and county administrative policies and procedures. 
•Responsible for the county’s clear sight triangle program.
•May function as the Acting Traffic and Streets Manager in the absence of the Manager.
•Prepares various reports and documentation.
•Issues violation notices and work orders to remove obstructions or vegetation; follows-up to ensure compliance.
•Assists as needed with other Traffic and Streets Division functions, such as signs, striping, marking, transit, traffic signals, school flasher operations, and traffic studies.
•Operates distance-measuring devices, noise-monitoring equipment, event recording devices, and retro-reflectometers. 
•Maintains confidentiality of all privileged information.
•Contributes to a team effort and accomplishes related results as required.
•Provides security and emergency preparedness training to transportation staff.
•Performs other duties as required.

Physical Demands:
While performing the duties of this job, the employee regularly is required to stand and walk up to 8 hours per day; use sense of smell; have manual and finger dexterity; stoop, and see, talk or hear.  The employee is frequently required to sit.  The employee is occasionally required to crawl, climb heights, reach above shoulder level, crouch, kneel, balance, push/pull, and carry.  Position requires the health, strength and stamina to perform arduous tasks including heavy lifting up to 75 pounds, and carrying up to 50 pounds.  Requires good eyesight and color perception.

Work Environment:
Work is generally performed in a shop and in an outdoor setting with a high noise level.  Exposure to natural weather conditions with high exposure to unusual elements, such as extreme temperatures, dirt, dust, fumes, smoke, unpleasant odors, and/or loud noises.  Work environment involves some exposure to hazards or physical risks, and requires following basic safety precautions.  Travel, on-site response to emergency situations, evening, weekend and holiday work will be required. 
This position must respond when called out during emergency situations.
Each and every county position requires the following professional skills and abilities as key and necessary elements of performance.  Employees are required to:

•Demonstrate regular and reliable attendance;
•Work well with others and participate fully in a team oriented environment;
•Interface with other employees and customers in a courteous and respectful manner;
•Project positive support of their department and all county organizations at all times; and,
•Maintain and enhance the county’s commitment to customer service excellence.


Deadline for Submissions: 05/04/2017