Sullivan Field Parking Lot
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Sullivan Field Parking Lot

Sullivan Field Parking Lot is a public right-of-way and has been approved as a location for temporary vendors. This location has 20 parking spaces designated as approved temporary vending locations. These limitations are set in order to allow sufficient parking for school and community events during the year and to limit the days Los Alamos County staff has to enforce vending designated location due to staff limitations.

 Sullivan Row Vendor Policies  Vendor Permit Application

Licenses and Permits

This License verifies that the required licenses, permits, and certifications from the proper agencies are in place.

  • All Vendor seeking to vend at Sullivan Field must have a current date-specific Vendor Permit issued by the Los Alamos County Parks, Recreation and Open Space Division that denotes the dates, times and locations permitted for temporary vending.
  • Vendors may vend from 8:00am - 5:00pm on Saturday and Sunday year round. These limitations are set in order to allow sufficient parking for school and community events during the week and, to allow for appropriate enforcement by County staff.
  • Vendors may set up no earlier than Saturday morning and must vacate the parking lot Sunday evening. If an emergency arises and a vendor is unable to remove the vehicle or wares from the parking lot by the designated time, the vendor should call the PROS Administrative offices at (505) 662-8170 and leave a message with that information.
  • Vendor Permits will be issued for a period of no more than one month at a time in order to avoid conflict with other scheduled events, construction, or projects that may occur, and to allow staff to verify that licenses are still in compliance.
  • If at any time one or more of a vendor's required licenses issued by Los Alamos County or another licensing agency are out of date, a Vendor Permit will not be issued until a current license can be provided.
  • Even though not verified by the County, certain permits issued by other agencies may be required by the regulating authority, and a vendor may be closed down if an impromptu inspection by the agency occurs, for example, the US Forest Service Wood permit an the LP Gas Permit.

Sullivan Field Vending Space Allocations

  • A vendor will be given a date and time specific, designated vending space for each event or site. Each vendor is limited to two (2) paid spaces maximum, per weekend, in order to ensure there is ample room for several vendors in the limited space available. Each space must be paid for in advance of setting up to vend.
  • Vending at Sullivan Field is allowed only in the front 20 parking spaces facing Diamond Drive. Vendors may set up their vehicles, trailers, tents, or wares in those designated parking spaces.
  • If a vehicle is not being used to sell items it cannot be parked in designated vending spaces.
  • All signage must be in compliance with Los Alamos County's sign ordinance. Any signage will be on the vendor's vehicle, trailer, or tent in order not to damage County property or impede pedestrian or vehicle access. Vendors may not hang banners on County utility boxes, lap posts, railings, trees, benches or set up signs on the sidewalk, in the parking lot or in the landscaping.
  • Vendors who move spaces without notifying a PROS staff member, drive on the grass, impede the walkway, or violate the LAC PROS Parks and Facilities rules and regulations will be subject to the following consequences:


  • In the instance of a violation or continued violation of these policies, a letter from the PROS Administrative Offices will be sent to the vendor noting the dates and times of the violation/s.
 1st – 2nd Violation – Asked to fix the issue
 3rd Violation - Suspension from vending in Los Alamos County for a 30 day period
 4th Violation - Suspension from vending in Los Alamos County for one calendar year from the date
of the third violation.
A subsequent violation during the suspension period or within one year following a one year suspension will result in an indefinite suspension from vending on any County property.
 A refund will not be issued if a vendor is issued a 30-day or 1-Year Suspension.
  • The Los Alamos Police Department will assist in enforcing these vending areas. Any vehicles parked in non-designated vending spaces and selling any good, wares or services or not displaying the proper vending permits will be asked to fix the issue or vacate the premises immediately.