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By law, the County Clerk’s Office is the only agency in the State of New Mexico permitted to issue marriage licenses. All marriage license applications and marriage certificates are filed as permanent records. Applications are processed Monday thru Friday, between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm.Our office is open during lunch hours and closed on holidays.


Marriage licenses are issued and valid immediately.

They do not expire and blood tests are NOT required.

Marriage licenses issued by this office are ONLY valid for a ceremony taking place anywhere within the State of New Mexico. If you plan to get married in another state, you must contact a marriage license office in that state.

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Marriage License & Application Information
Requirements to obtain a Marriage License in Los Alamos County:

For all applicants:

The following is required of any couple applying for a marriage license:

  • Completed Information Sheet for each applicant.This form is also available at the County Clerk’s Office.
  • Twenty-five dollars ($25.00), payable at the time of application.No Exceptions.
  • Proof of age and identity required.Proof of age and identity is normally satisfied with a government-issued photo ID.
  • Click here to apply for the marriage license online. The couple must appear in person to complete the process.

All applicants must appear in person.If an applicant is unable to appear in person, authorization to issue the marriage license must be provided by a District Judge.

For applicants who are 16 and 17 years old:
In addition to the above, you must have:

  • An original or certified copy of your birth certificate.
  • The written consent of each living parent listed on the birth certificate.
  • Written consent may be provided in person at the Clerk’s Office or through a notarized statement.If a parent is deceased, a certified copy of the death certificate is required.If a parent is not deceased and is unable or unwilling to provide written consent, authorization to issue the marriage license must be provided by a District Judge.

For applicants who are under 16 years of age:

  • Marriages of persons under 16 years of age are only permitted when there is a pregnancy and when a Children’s or Family Court Judge has authorized the marriage.

Other Requirements:

  • Both applicants need to be present to obtain the marriage license,as each applicant will need to sign the application. If an applicant is unable to appear in person, authorization to issue the marriage license must be provided by a District Judge.
  • Applicants must not be related within the degree prohibited by the State of New Mexico (NMSA 40-1-7)
  • Neither applicants may be bound by marriage to another; proof of divorce is NOT required.
  • Our office requires a Witness Form to be completed and returned to our office with your marriage certificate. This form will assist staff in accurately recording your marriage certificate.

A $25.00 filing fee must be paid at the time of application. (NMSA 40-1-11E)

NOTE: It will take approximately 30 minutes to issue you a license. No license will be started after 4:30 PM.


Marriage Ceremony Information
Couples are responsible for making their own ceremony arrangements. For a civil ceremony, the following are telephone numbers of Judges within Los Alamos County who serve in different courts and may perform a marriage ceremony. Two competent witnesses, in addition to the judge, are required.

Municipal Court (505) 662-8025
Magistrate Court (505) 662-2727
Probate Court (505) 663-1732

Completed marriage certificates must be returned and filed within ninety (90) days (NMSA 40-1-15) from the date of the marriage ceremony. Whoever performed the marriage is responsible for returning the certificate to the County Clerk where the license was issued.

Marriage Record Information

To view the index of marriage records online, please visit our Online Records Website.

A certified copy of your marriage record may be obtained in person, mail, or phone by filling out this form. The fee for a certified copy is $2.50.  

The following information is needed to locate the record on file:

  • Names of the applicants
  • Year or Date of Marriage
  • Book & Page

In Person Requests
Los Alamos County Clerk
1000Central Avenue, Suite 240
Los Alamos, NM 87544

Mail Requests
Los Alamos County Clerk
1000 Central Avenue, Suite 240
Los Alamos, NM 87544

Phone Requests
(505) 662-8010


Divorce Record Information
The County Clerk’s Office does not file divorce records. These records are filed in District Court and Los Alamos County is part of the First Judicial District. The First Judicial District Court Administration Office is located at 225 Montezuma Avenue, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87501. For more info, call (505) 455-8250 or (505) 827-1256 or click here to visit their website.