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Los Alamos County Clerk 

The Los Alamos County Clerk’s Office is responsible for recording and filing public documents, issuing marriage licenses, registering voters, administering elections, maintaining official documents for the County Council, such documents include: Ordinances, Resolutions, and Council Minutes. The County Clerk also serves as Clerk to the Probate Court. 



Elections & Voter Registration

The County Clerk's Office works closely with the Secretary of State's Office and operates under Federal Law, New Mexico State Law, and the Los Alamos County Charter for the conduct of all elections.   


To learn more about elections click here.



Recording & Filing Documents 

The County Clerk's Office records deeds, mortgages, leases and other real estate documents. In fact, any document can be recorded in the County Clerk's Office.


PUBLIC NOTICE: Please keep in mind, recorded documents are kept as permanent records and become part of the public record and are subject to inspection and disclosure.


Recording Fee - $25.00 for each document recorded.


Documents submitted for recording are processed during regular business hours 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday.


Review the New Recording Fee Schedule, and call our office if you have any questions.


To learn more about recording & filing documents click here.


Marriage Licenses

If you want to get married in the United States, the first thing you need to do is apply for a marriage license. In New Mexico, Marriage licenses are issued by the County Clerk.


Still have questions, get the FAQ's.


Click here to read more about obtaining marriage licenses in Los Alamos County. 



Probate Court

The Probate Judge is located in the County Clerk's Office. The Clerk and staff serve as clerks to the Probate Court.


The Probate Judge examines all applications for probate of estate, appointment of personal representative, examines all wills and documents filed in the case, signs orders of appointment of personal representatives, and signs certificates closing estates. The Probate Judge supplies sample forms and copies of applicable law to the public, answers questions regarding probate procedures, and performs marriage ceremonies.


To visit the Probate Court website click here.



Los Alamos County Council Records

As ex-officio clerk of the Board of County Council, the Clerk is responsible for recording and maintaining the minutes of all meetings of the County Council. Until the Government Docs portion of the Online Records Website is complete, past County Council Minutes can also be accessed on the web by going to the Council webpage of this website.


SPECIAL SEARCHING NOTE:  While using the Online Records Website keep in mind Council Minutes are indexed by meeting date only. If you would like to search online by using keywords please utilize the Legistar site at:


For additional info, or to obtain official copies, please call our office at (505) 662-8010. 


As custodian of Council records, the clerk also maintains and stores resolutions and ordinances. These are available for public inspection and/or purchase. Click here to view these Government Docs.



Petitions - Initiative, Referendum, and Recall

The Los Alamos County Charter allows for any registered voter of the County to commence initiative, referendum, or recall proceedings by filing with the County Clerk an affidavit and circulating and filing a petition in accordance with the requirements of the Charter.




Liquor Licenses

If you have any questions pertaining to the application or renewal of a Los Alamos County Liquor License, please call the Los Alamos County Manager’s Office at (505) 663-1750.


The Los Alamos Community & Economic Development Department handles the collection of any fees involved with liquor licenses, and can be reached at (505) 662-8120.



Business Licenses

The Community & Economic Development Department is responsible for business licenses and registrations, among other things.


All businesses paying gross receipts taxes in the County of Los Alamos must obtain a business license or registration. The County Code Chapter 12 Businesses Article II Registration and Licenses can be accessed on the home page of the LAC website. 


The Community & Economic Development Office can be reached at (505) 662-8120.



Tort Claims

In order to submit your claim, you must complete a Tort Claim Form and submit it to the County Clerk within NINETY (90) days of the occurrence. The County Clerk will then forward your claim to the County Attorney and the Risk Division. The claim will be forwarded to the New Mexico Self-Insurers’ Fund for investigation and adjustment. You may expect to be contacted by a Fund representative regarding your claim. Please call (800) 432-2036 or (505)982-5573 if you have questions.



Sharon Stover

Los Alamos County Clerk

1000 Central Avenue, Suite 240

Los Alamos, NM  87544

505-662-8010 or



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