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Community & Economic Development 

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Economic Development Housing in Los Alamos
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List of Divisions in CEDD 

Department Director Anne Laurent 663-1895

Planning  Anne Laurent 663-1895

Building  Chris Williams 662-8114

Housing  Paul Andrus 662-8197

Economic Development  Greg Fisher 662- 8296

Capital Projects  Anne Laurent 663-1895

Facilities Jim Zerr 662-8158

Custodial Robert Feagans 662-8154

Code Enforcement  Brian Valdez 662-8989


Community & Economic Development Department

The Community & Economic Development Department was formed by merging the former Community Development Department, Capital Projects & Facilities Department, and transferring Economic Development staff from the County Manager’s Office in May 2012.  This Department has forty-seven full time employees in eight Divisions which are:

Administration includes the Department Director and administrative support for all department divisions except Planning & Building Safety who have their own administrative support within their divisions.

Building Safety issues Building Permits, provides Plan Reviews (residential & commercial), conducts Inspections, and provides Code Enforcement of the Nuisance Code (Municipal Code Chapter 18) with support from the Fire, Police, and Public Works & Utilities Departments.  

Capital Projects manages Major Facility Maintenance (MFM) and Capital Projects from the study phase through construction completion. Staff is liaison to the Fuller Lodge Historic Districts Advisory Board.

Custodial provides building cleaning services for all County owned facilities, heating/cooling systems support, and support for all special events held at County buildings in collaboration with Community Services.  They support Public Works in snow removal operations. 

Economic Development manages the County’s Self-Sufficiency fund to invest in the future sustainability of Los Alamos County’s GRT through opportunities to re-develop DOE land transferred to the County, the LEDA grants and loan program, managing contracts with the LACDC, and the marketing/branding of our community.  Staff acts as liaison to the Creative District Advisory Committee and the Lodgers' Tax Advisory Board.

Facilities Maintenance maintains all County buildings with heating/cooling systems including preventive/routine maintenance, repair maintenance and response to work orders submitted by building occupants.  They support Public Works in snow removal operations. 

Housing supports the Economic Development and Planning Divisions in all housing related initiatives and expands the current affordable housing plan to address all types of housing needs.  They implement programs to improve and increase the housing stock in the County to attract and retain more people to live here – especially students and a workforce for our local businesses.   More senior housing and short term/high quality housing is also in demand.  Staff is liaison to the Lodgers’ Tax Advisory Board and the White Rock Master Plan Implementation Committee.

Planning acts in an advisory role to appointed and elected officials in providing professional review, analysis, and recommendations regarding all land use related matters including the following applications:  residential and commercial site plans, re-zoning, waivers, special use permits, subdivisions, Comprehensive Plan changes, and Development Code (Municipal Code Chapter 16) changes.

With support from the Inter Departmental Review Committee (IDRC), Planning staff acts as case managers for most land use and placement permit applications. The IDRC is comprised of representatives from many County departments. Staff acts as liaison to the Planning & Zoning Commission and the Board of Adjustment and issues local business licenses.

 General Contact Information

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Office Locations:

Planning and Permiting Location
The Municipal Building
1000 Central, Suite 150
Los Alamos NM 87544.
Phone (505) 662-8120
Fax (505) 662-8363
Office Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Customer Window closed
Wednesdays at noon.
No permits or licenses issued
after noon.  Permit applications
accepted for review all day.

Inspectors Walk-in Hours:
8:00 am to 10:30 am
Or make an Appointment
by calling (505) 662-8120
Planning Walk-in Hours:
8:30 am to 11:30 am
Or make an Appointment
by calling (505) 662-8120
Capital Projects
1000 Central Ave., Suite 150
Phone (505) 662-8120
Fax (505) 663-3528

Facilities & Custodial
101 Camino Entrada
Building 1 Rm 106
Phone (505) 662-8112
Fax (505) 662-8178

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