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Los Alamos County Projects 

Working on ProjectsThis section is dedicated to bringing the public more information about all of the County's projects. You'll find a brief description of current projects, status updates, and any other public information news, especially when the project affects your neighborhood, your nearby property, or your commute in Los Alamos and White Rock.  

Los Alamos County designs projects during the winter months and contracts for award of the projects every Spring. This means the late Spring and Summer months (typically late April until late October) are busy times for the construction crews and County staff. The County's formal Capital Improvements Program (CIP) is typically part of the County's budget planning process that takes place every Spring, with final budgets adopted in May.

This page is constantly updated and monitored by each department's website coordinators, so please use the feedback link to send your comments about the projects to the County if you don't see a project listed here. As projects are completed, we move them from Current Projects to Completed Projects for reference for approximately one year before we delete them from the web-site.

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